How To Use Haydel’s Squirrel Call

How to Use Haydel’s Squirrel Call How To Use Haydel’s Squirrel Call

A good way to lure a squirrel to a location is to mimic their natural calls. You can use sounds such as barks and rapid-fire chatters to entice the bushy tails to come to you. However, you can also use different sounds that mimic the noises that a squirrel would make, including whistles and barks. If you’re a beginner, try mimicking the sounds of a squirrel in your yard or garden, to get more success.

Mr. Squirrel Whistle

The inventors of the Haydel’s squirrel whistle were able to get the sound of a squirrel out of bottle caps because they could hear the sound the animals make. In order to achieve the same effect, the inventors first took a live squirrel to the University of Mississippi. Scientists recorded the frequency of the squealing sound and then re-engineered bottle caps to create a whipping sound that matched the precise frequency of the distress call of a squirrel. The whistle was manufactured from various types of aluminum.

The Mr. Squirrel whistle works well when you’re hunting bushytails. These treetop tricksters will respond to the whistle and be drawn to the location you’re calling them. The whistle mimics the distress calls of young squirrels, which will attract them to your location. Once they’re lured to your location, you can use the whistle to scare them off. This will help you make a catch in a timely manner.

Deluxe Squirrel Mouth Call

The Haydel Deluxe Squirrel mouth call is the ultimate weapon for attracting squirrels. Its patented technology produces realistic chattering sounds that attract both friendly and aggressive species. Its weight of only 1.6 ounces makes it easy to carry around. This call is designed for people who are not so experienced in squirrel hunting, yet want to catch the target species. This squirrel call is available in two sizes: large and small.

The Haydel Deluxe Squirrel mouth call is easy to use, thanks to its simple design and uncomplicated learning curve. This call replicates a gray squirrel’s distress call and is designed to be pocket-friendly and movable. The two-piece system offers a variety of sounds, including the distress call of a young squirrel. And the calls are 100% guaranteed to work.


The DS-85 haydel’d squirrel call is an electronic device designed to mimic a gray squirrel’s cry. By moderately blowing into the exhaust barrel, it creates a chattering and barking note. When panicked, it can also create a high-pitched baby distress cry. The call is highly effective in mimicking a gray squirrel’s behavior.

This call comes in two versions, a barking one and a screeching one. Both have squeakers to imitate small animals in distress. The DS-85 is an excellent option for attracting gray squirrels. The DS-85 haydel’s squirrel call imitates a young gray squirrel in distress, and the 601 imitates the screeching sound of an angry animal. The DS-85 is also available as an inverted whistle to imitate a squirrel. The call is a result of a scientific study that took place after a gray squirrel was killed by a hawk.

Primos 601

The first predator call that the company introduced was the Primos Alpha Dog Dual Speaker. Today, this line includes the Primos 601 Turbo, the 3755 Turbo and the Flextone EH1. For under twenty-five dollars, you can purchase the entire set or select just the parts you need to use in your hunting sessions. For an even greater hunting experience, you can buy a mating set for the squirrel.

This bellows-style call produces realistic squirrel calls. It even has an integrated whistle in the barrel. This calls is effective for attracting fox and gray squirrels, and it comes with an instructional mini-CD that walks you through its use. There are five different squirrel calls on the CD: the alarm bark, distress scream, fox squirrel chatter, and gray-scaled squirrel chatter.

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