If you have never watched the animated series Cup of Squirrel on YouTube, you are probably wondering: What are the names of the actors? Here are some suggestions: Pilz-E, Anchovie Allcock, Germaine, and Hatta. But, if you’ve already seen the show, you’ll be able to name the main characters. And if you’re feeling particularly witty, you can try and guess the cast of the show by listening to their rants.

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Anchovie Allcock

The popular narrator of Anchovie Allcock on YouTube is an English pizza delivery boy who is a huge fan of the show. He has been a failing delivery boy in England, but after discovering the sexy Germaine on FaceNook, he relocated to New York. Anchovie has since worked in gyms and as a teacher, but still finds time to stalk Germaine and photograph her for the website. He also has a pet squirrel called Foamy, which he thinks is pathetic.

The real Anchovie Allcock is a pervert and a Pizza Guy, a general pervert who lives in New York. He met Germaine through FaceNook and moved to the Big Apple. During his time in the Big Apple, he has worked as a pizza delivery boy, a security guard at a lenceria, and a gimnasia teacher. He has been known to stalk his stalked Germaine and he has a prankster personality that is often satirical.

As a British Eichhornchen, Begley defies authority and tries to break down social norms. He’s also a Punk, and is willing to help Foamy in his quest for Unfug. He has visited Germaine’s house in Connecticut, and enojad her. In his latest appearance, Begley breaks the fourth wall and a wolf is shot, but he appears very rarely in the series.


If you are looking for the name of the show that stars the black squirrel, “The Hatta,” then you’ve come to the right place. This character is a stereotype of African-American culture and is quick to play the race card in every situation. In fact, she’s so quick with the card that she’s even starred in her own rants. However, unlike Pilz-E, she doesn’t appear all that often.

The cast of the show features an array of characters ranging from the titular Piz-E to Begley, Germaine, and Germaine. While Foamy finds it difficult to understand Pilz-E’s gibberish, she finds it endearing. Foamy has a tendency to mutilate people and uses them in experiments, and Begley raped Germaine with a voodoo doll, which she used to assault her. Pilz-E has a love-making streak, but also tends to take things too literally. He has a troubled relationship with Foamy because of his drugged behavior, while Foamy has a difficult time dealing with Germaine.

Germaine, an English woman, is an artist, and Foamy is a poet. The two characters are unlikely friends, but they both love coffee and love a good joke. A few minor characters in the series share similar traits, including their love of sex. While some of the characters may be sympathetic, others are simply pathetic, and it isn’t a good idea to judge a comical show by its cast unless it features an interesting storyline or an interesting plot line.


The black squirrel is an odd mix of both stereotype and satire in Cup of squirrel. He is a black stereotype of the African-American culture, ready to pull the race card whenever he’s put in a bad situation. In fact, he’s been so successful that he’s even starred in his own rants, though less frequently than Pilz-E and Germaine. But he’s just as hilarious, if not more so.

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