Many different types of animals eat red squirrels, but these species are not common in the same area. Bobcats, Coyotes, Northern Goshawks, American Marten, and Wolves are the most common predators of red squirrels. The following species are also known to eat red squirrels. Read on for more information. Listed below are some facts about these animals and where you can find them.


Coyotes are omnivorous, and they will eat many different types of animals. However, they prefer eating terrestrial mammals. To scare these animals away, keep your house fenced in or place a plastic owl in an elevated area. A dog is also a great deterrent. If you cannot keep the squirrels away, try scaring them with a plastic owl.


Did you know that bobcats eat red squirrels? This little cat can become a facultative specialist and eat a wide variety of rodents. This fact may be a result of a specialized diet or it could simply be a response to their prey’s lack of food. For example, in Eastern North America, bobcats consume over 50% of all hares that winter, whereas in Idaho, they eat just 1.5%.

Northern Goshawks

Northern Goshawks eat red squirrel and other small mammals and birds. Their diet may be as diverse as 69% birds and 18-21% mammals. Trees such as maple, oak, and aspen are the preferred nesting sites of the northern goshawk. They also occasionally nest on dwarf mistletoe clumps. In winter, they feed on large birds such as crows.

American Marten

The American Marten is a very common animal in North America. The marten inhabits dense, coniferous forests, ranging from Alaska to northern New Mexico, and may also live in deciduous forests. They are most common in the High Peaks, though they can also be found in surrounding areas beyond the Blue Line. Their preferred habitat is closed coniferous woodlands and cedar swamps, which have both dense overhead cover and coarse wood debris on the forest floor. Regardless of their preferred habitat, American martens are found in trees that have clefts or hollows.


Wolves are carnivores that feed on a variety of animals, including red squirrels and other rodents. When food is plentiful, wolves feed primarily on red squirrels, rabbits, and other small animals. But they are also known to occasionally consume fish and berries. Wolves eat red squirrels because they are a convenient source of protein, as they don’t require large amounts of energy to survive.

American kestrel

If you’ve ever noticed a large hawk in the sky, you’ve likely wondered whether the American kestrel eats red-headed squirrels. This small falcon is actually a robin-sized bird, and it lives in open habitats with plenty of cavities and perches for hunting. Although it can eat red-headed squirrels, it’s most often found swooping over red-headed squirrels.

Northern Goshawk

It is not unusual for a Northern Goshawk to eat a red squirrel, which is one of its favorite prey. The hawk is a member of the raptor family and is an important pest-control agent in many forests. In fact, a Goshawk’s diet can contain over 200 different species of mammals and birds, including red squirrels. However, since this bird is highly secretive during breeding season, it can be difficult to estimate its population size.


What does a red squirrel eat?


A red squirrel eats mainly nuts and seeds.


What is the scientific name for a red squirrel?


The scientific name for a red squirrel is Tamiasciurus hudsonicus.


Where do red squirrels live?


Red squirrels are found throughout North America.


What is the average lifespan of a red squirrel?


The average lifespan of a red squirrel is 9 years.


How big is a red squirrel?


A red squirrel is about 10-12 inches long.


What is the weight of a red squirrel?


The weight of a red squirrel is about 6 ounces.


What is the gestation period of a red squirrel?


The gestation period of a red squirrel is about 38 days.


How many young does a red squirrel have?


A red squirrel has an average of 2-5 young.


When do red squirrels have their young?


Red squirrels have their young in the spring.


What is the predators of a red squirrel?


Red squirrels are preyed upon by hawks owls weasels snakes and foxes.


What does the red squirrel use for defense?


The red squirrel uses its tail for defense.


What is the coat of a red squirrel?


The coat of a red squirrel is reddish brown in color.


How many species of red squirrel are there?


There are two species of red squirrel.


What is the other name for a red squirrel?


The other name for a red squirrel is the pine squirrel.


What is the endangered status of a red squirrel?


The red squirrel is not currently endangered.

Red Squirrel Are Eaten By What Animal

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