So you’ve found a great artifact and now you’re looking for a squirrel mount. Well, good news! Artifact hunting is still a great way to unlock a squirrel mount. There are a few restrictions to remember as well, though. The rewards are limited and expire on December 31st. Here’s how you can get it before that date. Hopefully these tips will help you out.

Artifact hunting

There are several ways to get a squirrel mount in RIFT. The first way is to purchase wildest gifts, which are available free to members. These gifts include six planar squirrel mounts (cloud tail shadow, tell jim tail, flame tail, bramble tail, river tell squirrel), as well as nightmare weapon skins. In addition to the squirrel mounts, you can also get other types of mounts in the same way.

New consumables

If you’re wondering how to get a squirrel mount in RIFT, you’ve come to the right place. This mount is currently available in Rift and is available on the Rift Store’s front page. You can also find them as rare drops from Lock Boxes on Greenscale. They cost 3,000 credits, or 2,700 credits for Patrons. The squirrel mount’s speed matches its rider’s, and it has a unique idle animation.

Limitation on rewards

The Squirrel mount can be obtained from a variety of places. You can obtain it by gathering planar nuts. You can also obtain it by completing Unstable artifact sets. You can then use Dream Ribbon to craft Dimension furnishings. If you become a Patron of the game, you will be rewarded with the Patron’s Artifact Tracking vial. This vial recharges daily and grants you 30 minutes of super sight collection. It is a fairly expensive item, but well worth it for the Dreamweaver.

In Rift, players must obtain 1500 loyalty before they can access the Auction House. Once they reach that point, they can start trading their lucky coins for items. This can also be done in the capital city for rewards. Rift has a very good achievement system. It works by letting players earn prefix titles and unlocks them over time. Players can also purchase their Dimensions and unlock them through loyalty. Other than that, players can also purchase furniture by looting, crafting, or bartering with NPCs.

Artifact rewards expiring on December 31st

There is still time to get a squirrel mount in World of Warcraft! During the Unstable Zone event, you can find squirrels in the wild, running around a zone. These creatures drop between one and two Unstable Artifacts, depending on their rarity. These can be collected by using Dream Weaver recipes to make Artifact Thief Catcher nets.


How do you get the squirrel mount in Rift?


You have to complete the quest “A Show of Strength” given by the NPC named Tamran in Stillmoor.


How do you start the quest “A Show of Strength” to get the squirrel mount?


You have to speak to the NPC named Tamran in Stillmoor.


Where is the NPC named Tamran located in order to start the quest for the squirrel mount?


Tamran is located in Stillmoor.


What do you have to do to complete the quest “A Show of Strength” and get the squirrel mount?


You have to collect 20 pelts from the rift creatures known as “Redcap Rodents” and return to Tamran.


Where can you find the Redcap Rodents needed for the quest “A Show of Strength”?


The Redcap Rodents can be found in Stillmoor.


How many pelts do you need to collect from the Redcap Rodents to complete the quest “A Show of Strength” and get the squirrel mount?


You need to collect 20 pelts.


What do you do with the 20 pelts from the Redcap Rodents once you have collected them?


You have to return to the NPC named Tamran in Stillmoor and turn in the quest.


After turning in the quest “A Show of Strength” what do you get?


You get the squirrel mount.


What type of mount is the squirrel mount?


The squirrel mount is a ground mount.


Can the squirrel mount be used in combat?


No the squirrel mount cannot be used in combat.


How fast does the squirrel mount go?


The squirrel mount goes at a speed of 150%.


Is the squirrel mount available for purchase?


No the squirrel mount is not available for purchase.


How long does the squirrel mount last?


The squirrel mount lasts for 30 days.


Once the 30 days are up can you renew the squirrel mount?


No you cannot renew the squirrel mount.


Is the squirrel mount worth getting?


Yes the squirrel mount is worth getting because it is a rare mount.

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