There are several ways to get a squirrel mount in RIFT. These are Skinning, Arclight Lifter, Cobalt Thresher, and Abyssal Thresher. If you’re interested in other mounts, visit this guide. Until then, you can obtain squirrel mounts by following the instructions below. If you’d like to see other mounts, check out our guide on RIFT mounts.

Skinning a squirrel

If you’re looking to get a great mount in Rift, you need to learn how to skin a squirrel. There are two methods to accomplish this task. The first is to cut through the skin of the animal and peel it away from the body. To do this, you need to pull the inner cheek skin away from the upper lip. You can then cut away the skin and flesh the animal, leaving the anus and testes attached to the body.

After you’ve made your incision, you need to sew it closed. Choose the right thread and needle for the thickness of the skin. Thicker skin requires a heavier needle and thicker thread. To finish the process, use a baseball stitch, which will hide the last few notches and help the fur lie flat. It’s easy to use, and the resulting mount will be fantastic!

Arclight Lifter

The Arclight Lifter is an item you can use to fly in the game. This item costs 4500 credits and looks like a hoverboard-spinning flying saucer. You can use it to fly around and explore, but you must complete three promo-specific adventures in order to get the mount. After completing three of these quests, you will be rewarded with an Arclight Lifter that can be mounted.

This product is equipped with an auxiliary pair of brushes 7-8. One of them is permanently connected to one of the auxiliary brushes 7 and the other is adapted to connect to the main field winding. The purpose of this armature is to increase the squirrel cage effect along the axis 5-6 while suppressing the effect along axis 7-8. There is a special auxiliary winding designed for the Arclight Lifter for squirrel mount.

Cobalt Thresher

A squirrel mount is a rare drop in RIFT. It can be obtained from the front page of the Rift Store, or it can be earned as a rare drop from one of Greenscale’s Lock Boxes. A squirrel mount can match the fastest mount speed and has an unusual idle animation. To get a squirrel mount, you need to be a Patron of Greenscale.

Abyssal Thresher

If you’ve been wondering how to get a squirrel mount in RifT, you’ve come to the right place. The following guide will give you all the information you need to get your very own squirrel mount. The key for this mount is “Planar Nuts,” and you can find these items in bags. They will not go into your currency tab, so be careful not to destroy them. There are 6 Unstable Artifact sets in each zone, and the amount of Planar Nuts you need to buy each of the six squirrels is 138.

Dorsal skinning

There are several ways to obtain the squirrel mount in RIFT, and they all have different purposes. These mounts can be obtained from the Rift Store front page or from Greenscale’s Lock Boxes. Squirrel mounts are unique in that they have unusual idle animations that make them look like real animals. When you stand idle, the squirrel will be standing on its hind legs, which is unusual for mounts.

Limitation of one squirrel mount per account

One of the biggest complaints with the game’s Mounts system is the limit of just one squirrel per account. The truth is, though, that squirrel mounts are actually quite useful and are worth the money. But there is a solution to this problem – there is no limit on the number of squirrel mounts you can have! Just read on to learn how to get one for yourself! And remember, there’s more than just one squirrel mount in Rift!


How do you get the squirrel mount in Rift?


You have to complete the quest “A Show of Strength” given by the NPC named Tamran in Stillmoor.


How do you start the quest “A Show of Strength” to get the squirrel mount?


You have to speak to the NPC named Tamran in Stillmoor.


Where is the NPC named Tamran located in order to start the quest for the squirrel mount?


Tamran is located in Stillmoor.


What do you have to do to complete the quest “A Show of Strength” and get the squirrel mount?


You have to collect 20 pelts from the rift creatures known as “Redcap Rodents” and return to Tamran.


Where can you find the Redcap Rodents needed for the quest “A Show of Strength”?


The Redcap Rodents can be found in Stillmoor.


How many pelts do you need to collect from the Redcap Rodents to complete the quest “A Show of Strength” and get the squirrel mount?


You need to collect 20 pelts.


What do you do with the 20 pelts from the Redcap Rodents once you have collected them?


You have to return to the NPC named Tamran in Stillmoor and turn in the quest.


After turning in the quest “A Show of Strength” what do you get?


You get the squirrel mount.


What type of mount is the squirrel mount?


The squirrel mount is a ground mount.


Can the squirrel mount be used in combat?


No the squirrel mount cannot be used in combat.


How fast does the squirrel mount go?


The squirrel mount goes at a speed of 150%.


Is the squirrel mount available for purchase?


No the squirrel mount is not available for purchase.


How long does the squirrel mount last?


The squirrel mount lasts for 30 days.


Once the 30 days are up can you renew the squirrel mount?


No you cannot renew the squirrel mount.


Is the squirrel mount worth getting?


Yes the squirrel mount is worth getting because it is a rare mount.

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