squirrel who ate fermented pears

A Squirrel Gets Tipsy After Eating Fermented Pears

In the movie “Morlock’s Quest,” the furry friend of Morlok gets tipsy after eating fermented pears. He struggles to balance and has a hangover. What happens next? Read on to find out what happened to the squirrel and the hangover he suffered. How can a squirrel become tipsy after eating fermented pears? Here are some possible causes.

Morlok’s furry friend ate fermented pears

A video of a squirrel eating a fermented pear has gone viral. Katy Morlok, who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, left out a bowl of fruits for her bushy-tailed neighbors. After seeing her furry friend consume the fruit, Morlok captioned the video on YouTube. The video has now garnered over 57,000 views. Whether the squirrel was a friend or foe, it’s definitely worth a watch.

The squirrel that visited Katy Morlok’s house recently apparently ate a bag of old pears. After several hours, Little Red returned to the table and looked very tipsy. She soon discovered that the pears were old and fermented. While she didn’t mean to give the squirrel drunken food, she still took a video of the squirrel eating the fruit.

a squirrel gets tipsy

A video of a squirrel getting tipsy has gone viral on social media. Katy Morlok of Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, filmed a squirrel eating fermented pears. The squirrel is leaning oddly, using the edge of a blue bowl to maintain its balance. It stares intently at the trees and then eventually finds its way back into the bowl.

A video of a squirrel eating fermented pears has gone viral after it was shared with the world. A squirrel named Lil Red was caught on camera getting tipsy after eating the fruit. Morlok was experimenting with her refrigerator and poured some fruit into a bowl for the wild animals in the neighborhood. The squirrel, which she calls Lil Red, was filmed eating the fruit, which was meant to feed the wild animals nearby.

When the pears were left in the refrigerator, they may have fermented. Fermentation is the process by which sugar in fruit can turn into alcohol. The squirrel got tipsy because it couldn’t balance himself. But despite the odd incident, he recovered and hasn’t been drunk since. Thankfully, there’s no cause for alarm, and the squirrel has been fine ever since.

a squirrel struggles to stand after eating fermented pears

An unnamed woman in Minnesota recently filmed a squirrel struggling to get up after eating a bowl of fermented pears. The woman was cleaning out the fridge, and the squirrel sat down to munch on the fruit. It was an unusual sight to see the squirrel eating fermented pears, which she had mistaken for corn. The squirrel quickly recovered, however, and returned to his feeder the next day.

A woman in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota accidentally got a squirrel drunk after feeding him fermented pears. The squirrel was tipped over, but managed to balance itself before falling over. Katy Morlok, who feeds the squirrels as a hobby, says she wasn’t intending to make the animal drunk. But the result was hilarious! In a YouTube video, the squirrel struggles to stand up after eating fermented pears.

a squirrel has a hangover after eating fermented pears

A drunk squirrel has been caught on camera in Minnesota, leaning to one side and staring blankly at the sky. This video of a squirrel’s groggy walk has gone viral and has been viewed more than 1.5 million times. The squirrel was discovered while munching on corn and seeds outside a home in Inver Grove Heights. While balancing himself, the squirrel leans awkwardly to one side and uses the edge of the blue bowl to regain his balance. Then, he starts gazing in disbelief at the tree tops before finally finding a way back into the bowl.

A netizen captured the incident when he accidentally left some fermented pears in a feeder and the squirrel was pictured in a drunk state. The photographer noticed that the squirrel appeared to have a hangover, and she tossed the pears outside for a squirrel’s breakfast. She wasn’t expecting the squirrel to eat the pears, so she left them outside for the squirrels to eat. When the squirrel returned the next morning, she discovered it was back to normal, and even enjoyed breakfast of corn and seeds.

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