Squirrel Who Falls From Roof Finds Dad Who Wont’t Give Up On Him

A Squirrel Who Falls From a Roof Finds a Dad Who Won’t Give Up on Himsquirrel who falls from roof finds dad who wontt give up on him

A baby squirrel who falls off a roof is rescued by an animal-loving dad. Chris and Debbie Compton took the baby squirrel from the roof and waited for its mother to come back to her den. When the mother came back, the couple took the baby to their friends, the Merrifields, who run a wildlife orphanage and a school for local children.

Compton is a baby squirrel

The story revolves around Compton, a baby squirrel who falls from the roof of the house he is living in and finds a dad who won’t give up on him. His dad has been waiting for him for weeks to save him from the pain of the ordeal. But his mother doesn’t come back. She dies of a broken heart around 4 p.m. After hearing the song, mom takes her last breath. At 6:15 p.m., Mom dies peacefully. Little Compton witness the most beautiful sunrises for a week after Mom’s death.

Compton’s father

A baby squirrel clings to its dead mother and is named Compton by his rescuers. The young squirrel had not yet opened its eyes, and was weak from the fall. The Merrifields fed it warm milk via syringe every three hours. He eventually drank 10 to 20 percent of its body weight. Although he may look adorable, Compton had already lost a great deal of weight.

Compton’s orphanage

A baby squirrel that falls from the roof of an apartment building finds a father who won’t give up on him at an orphanage is named Compton after the people who rescue him. It was too young to open its eyes and was very weak due to the fall, so the Merrifields kept him warm by feeding him syringes of warm milk every three hours. He drank around ten to twenty percent of his body weight each day.

Compton’s rescue

A young squirrel clings to a homebody dad who doesn’t give up on him. His dad must be a homebody with no life. Fortunately, his dad finds him, and he soon discovers the most important thing about himself – he’s a homebody. If you’ve ever lost a pet squirrel, you’ve probably felt his plight.

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