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What’s So Great About the Who Slappy Squirrel Meme? the-who-slappy-squirrel-meme

Who’s the Slappy Squirrel? Well, if you have watched Animaniacs, you’ve probably heard the famous theme song and know a little about Slappy. But what’s so great about the Slappy Squirrel meme? Read on to find out! Also, check out our Slappy Squirrel Facts for the ultimate Slappy Squirrel trivia quiz!

Slappy Squirrel Theme

Slappy Squirrel is a cartoon character created by Warner Bros. and first featured in the third episode of the animated series Animaniacs. He was voiced by Sherri Stoner. The theme song of this show features the melody from Antonin Dvorak’s “Humoresque” and is featured in Histeria! vignettes. The song is played throughout the cartoon series, but is most commonly associated with the Slappy character.

The song’s original composer is Sherri Stoner, who is best known for her work as a troubled teen. She previously portrayed teen characters in TV movies. John McCann once joked that she would be playing troubled teens until she was 50 years old. Stoner came up with the voice for Slappy, which she later got approved by the production crew. She has a unique way of saying “I’m not like that!,” a reference to another famous cartoon character.


The Animaniacs, the animated comedy series, has created a new meme based on the infamous “who slappy squirrel” clip from Who Slapped the Squirrel? It is a parody of the classic who slapped the squirrel video, but this time, a white mouse named Billie gets the slap. Billie is voiced by Tress MacNeille. Meanwhile, Pharfignewton, the white racehorse, appears to be the same as the Phar Lap and Fig Newtons. It is also based on a joke about Seth Meyers and a “Snake” meme, which is a parody of a Jurassic Park film.

The Animaniacs have also given rise to a plethora of Slappy-based memes. While this squirrel character hasn’t had a spin-off series, he has gained a devoted fan base that rivals the Pinky and the Brain groups, which were the most popular characters on the show until recently. However, despite the popularity of Slappy, the series never got the chance to spin him off into a spin-off series.

Slappy Squirrel

The Slappy Squirrel meme is an extremely popular way to spread the word about a cartoon character. This cartoon character, created by Sherri Stoner, lives in a treehouse with his nephew Skippy. He faces perky neighbors and old enemies and usually gets his revenge by using cartoon violence. In one episode, Stoner blasted the Warner Bros. Studios’ nanny out of the treehouse, which he claims is “her fault.” Interestingly, the theme song for the cartoon is an excerpt from Antonin Dvorak’s “Humoresque.” Sherri Stoner provided the voice for the Slappy character.

Slappy is the octogenarian, cranky gray squirrel that lives in a hollow tree. He has a nephew who loves to hear about her former life as a famous cartoon character. Similarly, Slappy’s nephew enjoys retellings of Slappy’s former fame. The Slappy Squirrel meme was made popular by the popularity of Slappy Goes Walnuts.

Slappy Squirrel song

Animaniacs and The Who are both notable examples of songs based on the Slappy Squirrel cartoon character. The song was written by the Warner brothers and is heard in several vignettes. The song has since become a popular meme in its own right. The song itself is a parody of “The Clapper,” a commercial jingle.

Which political party does Slappy Squirrel generally support?

The Republican Party

Slappy Squirrel was created by which Looney Tunes artist?

Robert McKimson

What is the name of Slappy Squirrel’s archenemy?

Skippy Squirrel

In which Looney Tunes short did Slappy Squirrel first appear?

“Stage Door Cartoon”

What is the name of Slappy Squirrel’s nephew?

Slappy Squirrel’s nephew is not named in any of the shorts

Slappy Squirrel generally lives in which type of environment?

Slappy Squirrel generally lives in a forest

What is Slappy Squirrel’s catchphrase?

“I’m an old gal but I’m a tough old gal”

How many Oscars has Slappy Squirrel won?

Slappy Squirrel has won 37 Oscars

What is the name of Slappy Squirrel’s sidekick?

Sappy Stanley

What is the name of Slappy Squirrel’s favorite food?


What is the name of Slappy Squirrel’s favorite TV show?

The Twilight Zone

What is the name of Slappy Squirrel’s favorite movie?

The Three Musketeers

What is Slappy Squirrel’s favorite color?


What is Slappy Squirrel’s favorite song?

“You’re the Cream in My Coffee”

What is Slappy Squirrel’s favorite book?

The Bible

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