What Did Lydia Do With The Squirrel

What Did Lydia Do With the Squirrel?

In Season 10, Episode 14, “What Did Lydia Do With the Squirrel?”, we learn that she cut a squirrel in front of the group and smeared it with blood, then slapped Gage with the blood as she shushed the group. What did Lydia do to deserve that punishment? What did Negan tell her? And what is Lydia’s answer to this question?

What did lydia do with the squirrel

Lydia slaps down a dead squirrel

In the second episode of the fourth season of The Walking Dead, Lydia comes across a dead squirrel. She decides to skin it in front of everyone and dismembers it with her hands. The Highwaymen are horrified by this and tell Lydia to stop. Lydia is furious and pulls a showy move in the dining room by dissecting the dead squirrel and making a hush sign with her fingers.

After the fair massacre, Lydia is left feeling depressed and suicidal. She was in love with Henry but had to leave Alexandria to avoid the Coalition’s paranoia. Eventually, she runs away from Alexandria and joins Carol’s group, where she forms a friendship with Daryl. Ultimately, Lydia saves Daryl over her mother.

After getting back to Alexandria, the survivors begin to search for a new home. They take refuge in Aaron’s home, where they realize there is a breach in the wall. While the group rushes to the front door to secure the wall, Lydia stays back to defend the house and help Dianne keep the front door shut. In the next episode, Lydia and Henry fight off a zombie by attacking the abandoned Fort Connors military base.

lydia refuses to take any of their shit

Throughout TWD season 10, Lydia has repeatedly refused to take any of the survivors’ shit. In one episode, she even declares: “I will not be a victim.” The shaven-headed leader of a skin-masked gang has been known to use violence and death as a weapon. In season 10, we will see this attitude play out in multiple ways.

Alpha and Daryl have become enamored with Lydia’s fierceness, and the two of them spend the rest of the season in constant battle. Lydia is not afraid of fighting Alpha, and she refuses to take any of his shit. This attitude makes her appear weaker than she really is, and Daryl’s concern for her is understandable.

Negan’s advice to Lydia

Negan offered to kill the squirrel after Lydia snatched it off his porch. She had been harassed by a group of revenge seekers, and Negan encouraged her to ignore them and kill them with kindness. The advice was an interesting one, because it echoed the same philosophy that Daryl had espoused. In TWD season 10, a new character is introduced – Gage. He is a Highwaymen spokeswoman.

On the previous episode of Season 10, Lydia was being harassed by bullies. Taking the squirrel to a nearby tree to eat was the only way to prevent the bullying. Lydia was then confronted by three bullies. When Daryl and his others saw the squirrel, they rebuked her for her creepy gesture. Negan’s advice to Lydia to kill the squirrel with kindness might have kept her from eating the worm, but Daryl and others argued that hanging out with Negan wouldn’t make her fit in with the group.

We know that Negan has been doing some pretty horrific things to protect the group, but his motive is to protect people and keep them safe. That’s what makes him a jackass, but he isn’t doing bad things just to hurt people. The good news is that we know that he isn’t completely evil, and that he has a heart of gold.

Why would a squirrel be throwing pinecones out of a tree?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lydia Love Alpha?

While it is impossible to know for sure what is in another person’s heart, there are some signs that suggest that Lydia does indeed love Alpha.

One of the most telling signs is that Lydia consistently goes out of her way to help Alpha. Whether it’s picking up a shift at work so that Alpha can have some time off, or making sure that Alpha always has a hot meal waiting when they come home from a long day, Lydia is always looking out for her. This care and consideration is often a key component of love.

In addition, Lydia frequently expresses how much she values Alpha’s company. She enjoys spending time with Alpha, and often speaks fondly of the moments they share together. This is another strong indication that Lydia loves Alpha.

Ultimately, only Lydia knows for sure whether she loves Alpha or not. However, based on the evidence, it seems clear that she does indeed have deep feelings for her.

Do Lydia and Henry get together?

Lydia and Henry definitely had a lot of chemistry from the very beginning. They went on a few dates and eventually ended up together. Even though they had some rough patches, they were ultimately able to make things work and are now happily in love.

What did Alpha do to her daughter?

Alpha was created to be the perfect daughter. She was designed to be intelligent, beautiful, and accomplished. However, something went wrong. When Alpha was born, she was different. She was cold and calculating, with a mind that seemed to work in a different way than other humans.

Alpha’s parents tried to love her and help her, but it was difficult. They soon realized that their daughter was not like other children. She was smarter, and she saw the world in a different way. Eventually, they came to the conclusion that Alpha was autistic.

While Alpha’s parents tried to help her, she only grew more distant. She was cold and emotionless, and she didn’t seem to understand the concept of love. As she grew older, Alpha began to show signs of violence. She would lash out at her parents, and she would hurt animals. It was clear that she was a danger to herself and to those around her.

Eventually, Alpha’s parents made the decision to have her committed to an institution. They couldn’t bear to see their daughter hurting herself or others any longer. They hoped that with help, she would be able to learn to control her violence and to live a normal life.

However, things did not go as planned. The institution was unable to help Alpha, and she only grew more dangerous. She escape from the institution and went on a rampage, killing dozens of people. In the end, she was killed by the police.

Alpha’s story is a tragedy. She was born with the potential to be a great person, but her autism prevented her from ever reaching that potential. Instead, she became a monster who inflicted pain and suffering on those around her.

Does Lydia love Henry?

There is no certain answer to this question since love is a complex emotion that cannot be simply defined. However, based on the way Lydia interacts with Henry and the things she says about him, it seems likely that she does have strong feelings for him. She is often seen smiling and laughing around him, and she frequently expresses her admiration for his intelligence and talents.
Additionally, Lydia appears to be very protective of Henry, which could be another sign that she cares deeply for him. Overall, it seems safe to say that Lydia definitely has strong feelings for Henry, even if she might not yet be ready to fully admit it to herself.

Who was the first person to be infected in season 10?

Answer: Lydia

What did Lydia do with the squirrel?

Answer: She killed it.

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