Despite its name, there has never been a squirrel or raccoon who has climbed a two-feeder system. Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and YouTuber, has come up with an innovative solution for keeping squirrels out of bird feeders. Inspired by popular games like American Ninja Warrior and Wipeout, his squirrel proof bird feeders have multiple stages. The American Ninja Squirrel is the result of combining Rober’s mechanical engineering expertise with the squirrel’s agility.

No raccoon or squirrel has ever climbed 2 feeders

If you’re thinking of installing a second bird feeder, you might be wondering if a squirrel will climb it. Although squirrels do chew on feeders, they rarely have the strength to climb a large feeder. In most cases, this will probably be a raccoon. Here are some tips to protect your feeders. Keep your feeders out of the reach of squirrels and raccoons.

If you want to prevent raccoons from climbing your feeder, you may want to consider installing a baffle above the pole. This device has a closed top, preventing pests from climbing the pole and getting stuck inside. The smooth sides of the baffle also make them difficult for the pest to grasp. The torpedo baffle is a popular option for this purpose. This type of baffle slides down the pole to the desired height.

PVC bird feeder prevents squirrels

If you have a poled bird feeder, you may be able to ward off a squirrel by installing a slinky. These slinky-like devices have a long enough length to prevent a squirrel from climbing up and down. If you can’t afford a slinky, you can buy a small one that will fit over the pole. They can be quite expensive, but they will work.

Another method for keeping out squirrels is to create a squirrel-proof catch-all. This catches the squirrel’s food before they reach it. It can be made from flexible vinyl, screen material, or even wood. It will be a great deterrent for squirrels and will prevent them from getting the seed. If you’re concerned about the safety of your property, you can hang bird feeders from trees, bushes, or the deck.

American Ninja Squirrel’s feeder

A YouTuber, budding bird enthusiast, and former Apple and NASA engineer, Mark Rober, created an eight-part obstacle course for squirrels to protect a bird feeder. His video has gone viral. Rober started the project eight weeks ago when he became bored with his day job and realized that squirrels were constantly breaking into his bird feeders. This inspired him to develop a solution that would deter squirrels from ruining his food.

The solution? An obstacle course! Rober designed an obstacle course to test the squirrels’ agility and physiological tuning. The course features obstacles like a large maze and pitchfork tumblers, a catapult, and a feeder full of walnuts for a reward. The squirrels have a ball to reward themselves by reaching the top of the course and a chest of nuts.

Keeping a squirrel out of the area

Whether you’ve tried placing a second feeder or setting traps, a squirrel infestation will remain. The good news is that you can prevent this problem by avoiding the area in question. But keep in mind that it’s not always easy to drive a squirrel out. In some cases, an infestation can last several years. If you want to keep a squirrel from roosting in your yard, use one of the methods below to prevent a problem from occurring again.

If you have a pole and are concerned about a squirrel getting through, you can use a squirrel baffle. This is a circular disk that is difficult to climb or gnaw through. You should make sure that it is mounted loosely on a pole to avoid causing injury to the squirrel. The pole must also be made of smooth material so that the squirrel cannot easily chew through it.

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