Watch What This Squirrel Does When Lightning Strikes Nearby

Watch What This Squirrel Does When Lightning Strikes Nearby!watch what this squirrel does when lightning strikes nearby

It’s common to see lightning in Florida and Texas, but do you know what this little guy does when it strikes near him? Lightning is scary for humans, but it’s even scarier for squirrels. Watch what this squirrel does when lightning strikes nearby and you’ll understand why they run for cover. It’s a classic tail-flag signal that says “I’m in trouble!”

Tail-flags are a signal of displeasure

This video shows a squirrel hopping along as lightning hits nearby. The squirrel was on the other side of a road when the lightning struck, but it was still a scary moment for this little guy. Watch what he does after the strike! Is he running or jumping? We’re going to find out. It’s a fun video for the whole family to watch and enjoy! Watch what this squirrel does when lightning strikes nearby!

Despite their names, Cape ground squirrels are not afraid of thunder or snakes. They even fight off venomous snakes in order to protect their young. A safari guide filmed this showdown in South Africa’s Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, a vast semi-desert habitat. Watch what this squirrel does when lightning strikes nearby

They are a way to communicate with their owners

Have you ever noticed how a squirrel reacts when a bolt of lightning passes near it? It’s no surprise that lightning frightens humans, but this adorable little creature has an even worse reaction: it hops off the road! A nest cam recorded this squirrel as it was hopping across the street as a lightning strike passed nearby. The squirrel was on the other side of the street, but you can still see his startled reaction in the video below.

While many people don’t think a squirrel can run across a power line, it isn’t difficult for them to do so. They can scamper from the line to a nearby tree or house with ease. But squirrels have another way of communicating with people: they can wave their tails. While their tail flags are often used as a form of communication, they can also be a signal of general aggression, a predator attack, or territory invasion. In other words, a squirrel’s tail flag can signal Justin Bieber.

They can go from line to tree

The most fascinating part of watching a storm is what squirrels do when it hits. You may be surprised to learn that squirrels use their tails to communicate. In addition to regulating their body temperature and blood flow, their tails also serve as parachute devices. When a squirrel falls, their tails act as a parachute and reduce the speed at which they plummet. Some even use them as a quick escape strategy when they come across a predator.

It’s fascinating to watch how some of the world’s most beautiful animals react to thunderstorms. This little squirrel from Texas was just enjoying life when he was spooked by a nearby lightning strike. As a result, he hopped along the street. Lightning can be a scary thing for people, but luckily for us, this little guy did not get too scared and scurry away.

They can go from line to house

A new video shows what squirrels do when lightning strikes nearby. The footage shows a squirrel leaping along the street as the lightning strikes nearby. It seems like the lightning just spooked the squirrel, but it turns out that the squirrel was on the other side of the street. As a result, the lights dimmed, but power eventually returned. What can we learn from this? We should take extra precautions and protect ourselves.

Ground squirrels are very territorial, but they are also very social within their colonies. They are known for rubbing their muzzles together when meeting. This is to smell each other’s oral gland secretions. This video was filmed at Lightning Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana. Despite the fact that the footage was recorded at a local nature preserve, you should still be careful around these creatures. Lightning can cause injury to people and pets.

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