Wear Orange When Squirrel Hunting

Wear Orange When Squirrel Hunting wear orange when squirrel hunting

Hunter orange is required in the states of Indiana, Tennessee, and Vermont. It also helps to wear a fluorescent orange vest. To protect yourself, it is better to choose softer orange clothing that won’t reflect light. However, if you want to avoid alarming the squirrels, don’t wear hunter orange. The gray tree squirrels have dichromatic color vision and can distinguish green from red. If you have questions about whether you need to wear hunter orange, contact your state’s Department of Wildlife and Parks.

Hunter orange is required in West Virginia

To hunt deer, youth must be at least 8 years old. If they are 16 or older, they must be accompanied by an adult. If they are younger, they must wear blaze orange, and both must be seated in a vehicle within 25 yards of the wildlife. Both hunters must wear blaze orange. Hunters must be present in the area they are hunting. They must also have a tag.

Depending on the state, hunters are required to wear hunter orange or blaze orange clothing while out on the lands. This is a requirement for anyone pursuing game animals with a firearm. Younger hunters are also required to wear fluorescent orange. Younger hunters, however, may choose to forgo the hunter orange altogether and still remain within the law. Hunter orange is required to ensure your safety.


You should wear hunter orange when squirrel hunting in Indiana, especially if you plan on handling game meat. This coloration is also helpful when you’re dealing with warble larvae, which can be embedded under the skin during warm months. In contrast, Botfly larvae almost never reach the meat tissue, so it’s crucial to properly cook the game before consuming it. It is also important to clean the game meat before consuming it, because they can be carriers of disease.

You should wear orange when squirrel hunting in Indiana, even if you’re only shooting gray or fox squirrels. Although gray and fox squirrels are protected under federal law, the state still allows people to hunt them in the fall, when the weather is cooler and bugs aren’t as prevalent. When you’re squirrel hunting in Indiana, wear orange to be visible to other hunters. Remember that you’re also prohibited from shooting into the nest or den of the squirrel, and it’s illegal to shoot any flying squirrels.


Hunters in Tennessee are required to wear orange clothing when they hunt big game animals, including deer, elk, bear, turkey, and squirrels. The laws vary from state to state, but most of them pertain to specific hunting seasons. Hunters should wear an orange outer garment cloth visible from the head, chest, and back region. For firearm hunting, hunters are required to wear orange clothing during daylight hours only.

Hunters must also wear orange clothing while squirrel hunting in Tennessee. This is especially important when they’re in a state with strict laws regarding safety. Hunters are required to wear orange clothing while they’re hunting in Tennessee, but there are exceptions to this rule. When you’re in a box stand, or on an elevated 12 foot treestand, you don’t have to wear orange. But if you’re in a vehicle, you should wear orange, too.


Hunters are reminded to wear blaze orange clothing when out hunting for squirrels in Vermont. This way, hunters can easily spot deer and black bear in the woods. But be cautious when hunting in a valley, near a road, at dusk, or in low visibility. This is especially true for Vermont’s state parks and forests, where hunters are urged to report incidents of poaching. While these safety tips can help you stay safe, there are some situations where it might not be necessary to wear orange.

While wearing hunter orange is not required by Vermont’s law, many hunters are urged to do so to reduce the risk of accidents during hunting. Most hunters in the U.S. and Canada wear hunter orange. The safety of hunters is one of the first factors that should motivate you to wear orange. Remember, if you are hunting in a state that doesn’t have the requirement for hunters to wear orange, you might as well be the only person there who can spot the deer.


To help protect yourself, wear bright clothing and a luminous pack when squirrel hunting in Washington. New hunters like Amanda Lipke should wear orange, too. Lipke, who started a 42,000-member Facebook group for outdoorsy women, also recommends keeping pets on leash and using a bear bell. You can find more information about the species of squirrels in Washington by visiting the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

Hunters who plan to use archery equipment must also wear hunter orange clothing. If they plan to use ground blinds, they must attach solid orange materials to them as well. Regardless of whether you are wearing orange clothing or not, you must follow all laws when squirrel hunting in Washington. Wear orange when squirrel hunting in Washington to protect yourself from stray animals. This will also help prevent accidents and injury. Wearing orange while hunting is one of the most effective ways to stay safe and to avoid being shot by a squirrel.

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