what animal would eat a dead squirrel

What Animal Would Eat a Dead Squirrel?what animal would eat a dead squirrel

If you are wondering what animal would eat a dead squirrel, you’ve come to the right place. Red-tailed hawks, snakes, and raccoons are just a few options. However, if you’re really concerned, you can check out this article to find out if you’re at risk of attracting one of these creatures. Whether you decide to leave the dead squirrel out on the street or not, be aware that snakes, Raccoons, and Coyotes will most likely feast on the dead squirrel.

Snakes eat dead squirrels

If you are wondering why snakes eat dead squirrels, this article may help you. These creatures are predators and their prey are not usually considered food sources, but a recent video captures the incredible battle between snakes and squirrels. This video shows the snake pulling apart the squirrel’s skeleton, before the squirrel moves into the middle part of the snake’s mouth. The entire battle was captured on video and shared by the United States Department of Interior.


If coyotes were to eat your squirrels, you may be wondering why they’d do it. They’re omnivorous and live on the ground most of the year, except for the spring, when they search for burrows. They may have used the burrows of woodchucks, badgers, and foxes to sleep in. You may even find a coyote den beneath a hollow log or abandoned building.

Red-tailed hawks

Red-tailed hawks hunt small mammals, including squirrels. They often fall from trees to catch their prey. These birds are also known to feed on insects and rodents. You should not feed them your pet rodents, though. Hawks are carnivores, so a dead squirrel is a great source of food for them. Here are some of the most common prey items they’ll eat.


While you may not be thinking of letting a raccoon eat a squirrel, it’s certainly possible. These nocturnal critters will often visit houses, attics, and tree nests to feed on squirrels. They can access these places easily and can sleep on decks and porches in the summer. Raccoons are not afraid of humans, but you can’t just leave out food and water in your yard at night. It could even cause an accident if you were too frantic and aggressive.


Although most people think foxes would never eat a dead squirrel, this is not the case. Although the fox will eat dead animals, there are several exceptions to this rule. In the UK, a fox may not intentionally kill an animal, but its eating habits will certainly influence whether it does so. For example, foxes will sometimes eat the body of a baby if it finds it in a tree.


It is difficult to know exactly what impact goshawks have on Red squirrels, but a study conducted by Steve Petty in the Northumberland area found that this species eats a substantial portion of the Red squirrel’s diet. Petty’s study examined the distribution and abundance of goshawks in the area and collected prey remains from goshawk nests. He also estimated the total number of Red squirrels in the area, but went unmeasured because goshawk numbers were so low. However, the researchers determined that red squirrel remains comprised only 2% of the total diet of a goshawk. The study concluded that the goshawks were more likely to take the squirrel during the breeding season, when the animals are at their highest abundance.


When the time comes for a scavenger to strike, a dead squirrel can be a tempting meal for a Barn or Great Horned Owl. These owls have a wide range of food preferences and can sometimes be found hunting a dead squirrel three times a day. Despite their nocturnal lifestyle, they are often aggressive towards humans. If you spot one in the vicinity of a dead squirrel, it might be time to call your local wildlife sanctuary to find out what it eats.

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