what are good squirrel deterrents

What Are Good Squirrel Deterrents? what are good squirrel deterrents

There are several types of repellents for squirrels. Some are safe to use around pets, while others can be harmful to your vehicle, birdfeeders, or garden areas. You can also use decoy owls, “scare cats,” or sprayers. You can even buy non-toxic alternatives. A squirrel repellent is effective if used with other deterrents. Read on to learn more about the different options.


If you are fed up with the squirrels invading your property, you can use squirrel traps to keep them away. These are effective because they require bait that they can’t resist. The bait used in squirrel traps is usually household items. Some poisons are harmful for pets and children, however, so be sure to use proper precautions. For example, don’t use strychnine, as it can cause tremors and pain in the animal.

Coyote urine

While the smell of coyote urine is effective at keeping squirrels from a garden, it’s important to note that it’s not always as effective as you might hope. While predator urine deters squirrels, it doesn’t actually prevent coyotes from taking down their prey. In fact, studies have shown that repellent products can even increase the number of predators in an area. In such a case, it’s best to discontinue using the repellent and seek professional help.

Fox urine

Buying fox urine can help deter squirrels from your garden. Since foxes are the primary predators of squirrels, they avoid places where they’ll encounter the smell of predator urine. To buy this repellent, visit a hunting supply store and get a bottle that is equal parts vinegar and water. Simply spray the solution around your garden and you’ll see fewer squirrels. If you’re too lazy to go to a hunting supply store, simply buy a can of fox urine from a pet supply store. If you’re feeling brave enough to use this repellent, make sure to wear gloves.

Inorganic mulch

Inorganic mulch can serve as an excellent squirrel deterrent. While organic mulch can inhibit weed growth, the inorganic variety has a texture that squirrels find repelling. It also does not attract rodents and doesn’t damage your plants. The two main types of mulch are organic mulch and inorganic mulch. Inorganic mulch is more costly than organic mulch, but you can make it yourself at home.

Enoz No Zone

A squirrel deterrent is a great way to protect your property from this unwanted pest. The Enoz No Zone stations repel a variety of animals, including squirrels, deer, dogs, and cats. They can also protect your plants from being chewed. The stations are easy to refill with additional repellent, so you can use them time again. They’re also great for large areas, and you can easily remove them when the squirrels have stopped.


One way to keep squirrels from your garden is by using Tabasco sauce as a repellent. To use it, combine a small bottle of Tabasco with a gallon of water. For better results, mix in a small amount of liquid dish soap. Sprinkle the mixture on the fruit and trees and leave it for a few days before reapplying. To make it even more effective, mix it with a few drops of mineral oil or mild liquid dish soap. You may need to apply it again a few days later, especially after rain. The chemical in Tabasco sauce – capsaicin – is what makes peppers so hot. It will repel squirrels and other mammals, but it will not affect birds.

Apple cider vinegar

While vinegar isn’t a pest in and of itself, it can act as a natural deterrent against other animals, including squirrels. You can spray undiluted apple cider vinegar onto fences, plant pots, and decking. Just make sure to dilute the vinegar with water before applying it to plants. This natural repellent is also effective in keeping squirrels from entering your home through bird feeders.

Peppermint plants

Squirrels are cute little tree-dwelling creatures, but they can be destructive. They dig up gardens, gnaw on electrical wires, and eat trash. One way to keep them away is by planting peppermint plants. These plants have a strong, minty smell that squirrels cannot stand. Peppermint is a favorite of many gardeners and homeowners as a squirrel deterrent.

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