What Are The White Waxey Tubes In The Back Of A Squirrel Near Its Tail

What Are the White Waxey Tubes in the Back of a Squirrel Near Its Tail?What Are The White Waxey Tubes In The Back Of A Squirrel Near Its Tail

Many people worry about squirrels that have lost or damaged tails, and wonder if they should intervene. The truth is that the tail plays a key role in the lifestyle of a squirrel. So, how do you tell if a squirrel is suffering due to a damaged or lost tail? There are several things to keep in mind. Here are some of them.


If you have ever been curious about a squirrel’s anatomy, you probably have wondered what it looks like. In addition to its fur, squirrels have several white waxey tubes in the back of their bodies. These tubes are responsible for allowing them to breathe. Despite their long tail, these tubes are not visible. They are made of a waxy substance called carotene.

These tubes are a way of absorbing moisture from the air. Squirrels have waxy glands located on their bodies that can secrete a lubricant. In addition to being an essential part of a squirrel’s anatomy, these glands also help keep the animal’s body temperature stable. This makes squirrels good for your home. The white tubes are the source of a squirrel’s moisture. If you have a squirrel in your attic or garage, keep it out of reach of other animals.

What are the white waxy tubes in the back of a squirrel near its tail?

Answer 1: They are scent glands.

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