What Beer Comes In A Squirrel

What Beer Comes in a Squirrel?What Beer Comes In A Squirrel

If you’re wondering what beer comes in a squirrel, read on. Kevin and John are dynamic beer creators. They’re equally at home formulating new recipes and cleaning the brewery floor. Their zealous pours are a perfect fit for the brewery’s quirky name. Check out the following four choices from right brain: Hoppy & Juicy Grapefruit IPA, Chubby Squirrel, Saized & Confused Sour Saison, and The End of History Belgian Ale.

BrewDog’s The End of History Belgian ale

If you’re not a beer fan, you might find this quirky offering by Brewdog amusing. The 55 ABV Belgian ale has juniper berries, nettles, and cloves. It’s also made with an unusual freezing technique that helps the beverage reach its spirit-like ABV. The beer’s packaging is unique because it is wrapped in a stuffed squirrel. While the beer itself is not a novelty, the squirrel-themed package does make it stand out from other bottled beers.

The resulting Belgian ale is so boozy that it’s actually served in a dead animal. The beer’s creators, Scottish brewing company BrewDog, have teamed up with a taxidermist to create the bottle. The brewery is proud to present the world’s strongest beer – a dead grey squirrel! The squirrel’s skin is even stuffed with bits of bone, but the beer itself isn’t.

Right Brain Brewery’s Chubby Squirrel amber ale

You’ll never go wrong with a mug of this pumpkin-spiced amber ale. The beer is made by Right Brain Brewery, a brewery founded by Russell Springsteen. Although it doesn’t contain pumpkin, this brew is packed with flavors of autumn and summer. Unlike other pumpkin-spiced ales, this brew doesn’t contain any actual pumpkins.

The beer’s name perfectly matches its appearance: the label depicts a chubby squirrel. This brew pours a reddish brown color, which takes on a reddish hue when held up to the light. The beer was topped off with a finger-sized tan head that faded into a thin ring and left spotty lacing.

Right Brain Brewery’s Saized & Confused Sour Saison

This sour saison is named for its unique bottle. Its label matches its name, and the beer pours a light tan color. The aroma is dominated by spices like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. In the back, you’ll notice lemon rind. The malts give the beer a rich caramel and toasted malt flavor, with nutty undertones.

Hoppy & Juicy Grapefruit IPA

Hoppy & Juicy Grapefruit if you like hops, this beer is for you. Its flavor is reminiscent of grapefruit, oranges, and honey, and it’s made with four different types of hops. This IPA is 6.3% ABV and pairs well with hot roast beef sandwiches, fish and chips, and poutine. Squirrel Sailor was introduced to the public as a small-batch pilot before going on the Lost Forty taproom. Later this week, it will be available statewide in four-packs. And you can expect to enjoy it through the summer.

This American Pale Ale pours a deep orange color with a white-colored head and is highly aromatic. Its citrus and pine flavors are balanced with a soft bitterness and a lingering finish. Its flavors include citrus, pine, melon, and floral notes. It is refreshing and has a subtle bitterness and a smooth, soft mouthfeel. The IPA is best served with food or in a picnic basket, as it is delicious when paired with a meal of citrus and roasted nuts.

Which brand of beer is known for its squirrel logo?

Red Squirrel Brewing Company.

What type of beer is brewed by the Red Squirrel Brewing Company?


What beer comes in a can that is blue and white?

Blue Moon.

What beer is brewed in the Czech Republic?


What beer is brewed in Germany?


What beer has the slogan “The happiest place on earth?

Elysian Brewing Company.

What beer is brewed in Seattle WA?

Elysian Brewing Company.

What beer is brewed in Oregon?

Deschutes Brewery.

What beer is brewed in Colorado?

New Belgium Brewing Company.

What beer is considered a craft beer?

A beer that is brewed by a small independent brewery.

What is the most popular type of craft beer?


What is the alcohol content of Deschutes’ Black Butte Porter?



What beer is brewed in California?

Sierra Nevada.

What beer is brewed in Pennsylvania?


What beer is considered a macro beer?

A beer that is brewed by a large mainstream brewery.

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