What Breed Is A Good Squirrel Dog

What Breed is a Good Squirrel Dog?What Breed Is A Good Squirrel Dog

So what breed is the best for hunting squirrels? We’ve reviewed the Beagle, Airedale Terrier, Fox terrier and Mountain Cur breeds, and have come up with a shortlist of the best dog for squirrel hunting. Which one is best for your needs? Find out in this article! But before you make your final decision, it’s important to understand what Conwill looks for in a squirrel dog.

Fox terrier

There are many good squirrel dog breeds out there. Some of them have good hunting instincts while others are more suited to household pets. Some of the best dog breeds for squirrel hunting are fox terriers and beagles. While some dogs can be difficult to train, they can be wonderful family pets. The Parson Russell Terrier is a small, English terrier with a lot of energy. Its strong hunting instincts can help you train it to be an effective squirrel dog.

A good squirrel hunting dog breed must be able to locate the squirrels and flush them out. The ideal dog should have a friendly nature and should not wander far from its owner. If the dog manages to track a squirrel, it should stay focused on that squirrel until it is dispatched. It is also important that the dog is obedient and has a strong hunting instinct. These are two of the most important characteristics in a squirrel hunting dog.

Mountain Cur

The Southern Mountain Cur is an excellent choice for anyone interested in squirrel hunting. He has the temperament, intelligence, and nose to hunt squirrels well. He also has excellent treeing and winding skills. A good squirrel dog should also be obedient and hunt close to the ground. It should also be a good companion for hunting. If you’re interested in getting a squirrel dog, read on for more information.

The Mountain Cur requires a large, medium-sized backyard, and a fenced-in yard. While he doesn’t require extensive yard space, it does need 90 minutes of intense exercise daily. This breed is not suitable for apartments and will get cabin fever if left indoors for extended periods of time. This breed loves spending time outdoors, hunting squirrels. And since it requires a lot of exercise, it is best to have an outdoor area where it can run and play.


A Beagle is a great dog for squirrel hunting, and they naturally have hunting characteristics. The key to training this dog is finding the right motivation. Using the right toy is a good incentive, and consistent practice will reinforce training. Using a squirrel decoy can help train your dog to track squirrels. There are many online stores where you can buy these decoys. To get the most success, you can combine them with scent spray, tasty treats, and your dog’s favorite food.

Beagles have a high prey drive and are excellent hunters. They are slow hunters, but their nose and eyes are excellent for locating squirrels. As a result, these dogs are good for both rabbit and squirrel hunting. A good squirrel dog will need training when young. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Beagles make great squirrel dogs. But be sure to take a look at the breed’s history before buying one.

Airedale Terrier

Whether you are an avid hunter or are just looking for a companion to accompany you on your daily adventures, the Airedale Terrier is a wonderful choice for squirrel hunting. An excellent hunter, Airedales are excellent guard dogs for both livestock and squirrels. In addition to their superior hunting abilities, Airedales are also very intelligent and easily trainable. The following are a few reasons why an Airedale Terrier makes a great squirrel dog.

This large, snuggly puppy is an absolute lover of children and families. These dogs are also great canine siblings for young children, as they can be boisterous and large and may even be a little bit unruly around little ones. These dogs are very friendly and get along well with other pets. However, if you plan on using your Airedale for hunting, you should know that they also have a high prey drive.

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