What Bullet Mold For Cva

What Bullet Mold For CVI.32 Caliber Squirrel Rifle Should You Use? what bullet mold for cva 32 caliber squirrel rifle

When you are shooting your.32 caliber squirrel rifle, it is important to know exactly what bullet mold you should use. Whether you want a rimless, cone-shaped, or heeled bullet, there are several choices. Pedersoli makes some good bullets. RCBS makes some good ones, too, but they’re more expensive than Pedersoli.


Pedersoli manufactures a.32 caliber squirrel rifle that is both functional and attractive. This rifle is available in both flintlock and percussion types. These rifles have a 32-inch barrel, and the Pedersoli company also manufactures small bore rifles. They also cover cleaning and maintenance, and are a great addition to your hunting arsenal.

Davide Pedersoli & Co. is a renowned muzzleloading company based in Brescia, Italy. This company produces a large variety of black powder handguns and early black powder cartridge rifle models. Located in Brescia, Italy, Davide Pedersoli is a leading manufacturer of muzzleloading rifles and bullets.


RCBS Bullet Molds for.32 caliber squirrel rifle are made from solid cast iron blocks that have been precision ground square prior to machining. The blocks have steel alignment pins to ensure precise mating of the mold blocks. Each mold features a 3/16″ thick sold steel sprue plate. The handles are sold separately and are available from MidwayUSA. The mold for a squirrel rifle is available in two different sizes.

While the traditional.32 roundball cartridges use 20-25 gr. of 3Fg, the RCBS bullet mold produces 90-grain flattened “Cowboy” slugs. These bullets are lightweight, but heavy enough to stabilize the barrel and prevent rimlock. The company also offers a bullet mold for.32 caliber rifles with rimlock prevention.

RCBS heeled bullet

RCBS has been dedicated to the handloading of ammunition since 1943. Their high-quality reloading equipment helps reloaders create the perfect bullet for any caliber. Handloading ammunition requires a high level of precision and skill. With a RCBS heeled bullet mold for cva.32 caliber squirrel rifle, you’ll be ready to start producing perfect bullets in no time.

RCBS original design bullet

The RCBS original design bullet mold for CVI.32 caliber squirrel rifle is a versatile mold. The RCBS two-cavity bullet mold is made from solid cast iron blocks for repeatable castings. The blocks are squarely ground prior to machining and equipped with steel alignment pins to ensure exact mating between the two mould blocks. The mold comes with a sold steel sprue plate, which is held in place by tempered steel spring washers and screws.

Dixie Gun Works

The Dixie Gun Works manufactures a bullet mold for the.32 caliber squirrel rifle. These molds are made from the same material used for bullets in the original black powder cartridges. This bullet mold is designed to be compatible with the original black powder cartridge for squirrel rifles. The Dixie Gun Works also makes bullets for a variety of other calibers.

The Dixie Gun Works molds are made of plastic, so you can get them at a reasonable price. While purchasing a gun that has a bullet mold made from plastic, you may have to trim the rim to make sure it lines up correctly. The Sitting Fox and Pecatonica kits will cost you several hundred dollars, but will give you a gun that is between a Crockett and a $1000 semi-custom rifle.

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