What Can Cause A Squirrel Population To Go Into Recline

What Can Cause a Squirrel Population to Go Into Recline?What Can Cause A Squirrel Population To Go Into Recline

What can cause a squirrel population to go into a state of decline? Some of the reasons for this situation can be quite simple. Gray squirrels prefer upland hardwood forests, while Pine martens prefer spruce buds. In addition, many people kill the mothers of squirrel monkeys so they can steal their babies. And there are also a number of diseases that affect these animals.

Gray squirrels prefer upland hardwood forests

While gray squirrels can live for 12 or more years, the mortality rate is usually about 50% for juveniles and 75% for adults. Their preferred habitats are mature hardwood forests dominated by oak and hickory. They also prefer forests with a closed canopy so they can travel above ground without being preyed on by predators. Several methods of gray squirrel management are available for the conservation of gray squirrels.

Poachers shoot squirrel monkey mothers to get at their babies

Squirrel monkeys have long been prized as exotic pets. But today, they are often illegal in some countries. As a result, they are often killed by poachers to sell them in black markets. Many people who buy them for pets do not realize the painstaking care that is required to raise them. As a result, many end up in animal rehabilitation centers. Reintroducing these rescued animals is difficult because they must be taught how to survive in the wild.


Red and grey squirrel populations are declining in the UK because of disease caused by the grays. Grey squirrels, which are carriers of the squirrel poxvirus, have infected red and grey populations in Cumbria, England over the last ten years. The increased prevalence of disease in reds was correlated with the arrival of grey squirrels in the landscape. A new disease, rat spotted fever, is being developed to control the spread of the disease.


Gray squirrel populations can change drastically over a period of years. They can increase in number during periods of abundant acorn production, but then decline as food supplies decrease. Gray squirrels have been known to migrate in vast numbers throughout the United States, including a large migration recorded in Connecticut in 1933. The reason behind this extensive migration is unknown, but limited food supplies are a contributing factor. The following are some ways to help protect your local gray squirrel population:

Tree wrap

While it is not recommended to completely eradicate a squirrel population, there are ways to control their activity. Tree wrap is one option. By covering a tree’s trunk with a mesh protective material, you can keep squirrels from entering and destroying the tree. It works best on trees near bird feeders or houses, but it doesn’t work as well in areas where a continuous tree canopy exists.

Electrified netting

One way to control the squirrel population is to install electric netting around your property. This kind of fencing pulsates very low amps and shocks the animals when they come into contact with it. The shock lasts for only a few minutes and is not enough to cause physical damage to the animal. However, if you don’t want your entire home to be filled with electric wires, you should place warning signs around the area around the fence so people who have no idea about it don’t touch it.

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