What Can I Put Down Ground Squirrel Hole

What Can I Put Down a Ground Squirrel Hole?What Can I Put Down Ground Squirrel Hole

If you’re looking for a safe way to get rid of ground squirrels, you may have tried bait stations, body grip traps, peppermint essential oil, and even gopher gas cartridges. The truth is, however, that there are many different things you can use to get rid of these critters, and the choices are often limited. So, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Bait stations

If you want to get rid of ground squirrels, you can use bait stations to put down ground squirrel traps. These baits can be put in a box and secured by concrete blocks. These traps are not ideal for putting down the baits directly in the hole, as ground squirrels are very agile and may end up turning the box over. They may also drag the baits out of the box. Some customers find it helpful to drill holes in the box to avoid ground squirrels from pulling out the baits.

Another option is to use glue boards. These glue boards are available both commercially and at home. These traps are placed in areas where the animals are active, and can be baited with the same bait that is used in snap traps. Once the traps are set, the animals are killed instantly, and there’s no risk to children or pets. Also, glue boards attract non-target wildlife. This may cause them to avoid your yard.

Body grip traps

You can use body grip traps to kill ground squirrels. These traps can be set at the entry and exit holes for the squirrels. They must pass through the trap while entering or exiting the area. This type of trap is easy to set and is as effective as an iron hammer. This type of trap will catch two to four squirrels a week. You can also use hardware cloth to cover the holes.

There are two types of body grip traps. You can buy them from various hardware stores or online. One is designed to catch ground squirrels while the other is designed to kill them. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Body grip traps are easier to set than restraining traps. Unlike the former, body grip traps do not require baiting. Moreover, they do not require a permit to set.

Peppermint essential oil

If you are fed up with your backyard squirrels, peppermint essential oil is the solution you are looking for. Using peppermint essential oil on cotton balls, place the cotton balls in a spray bottle with water, and shake the bottle. The water will separate from the peppermint oil, so shake the bottle well before applying it to the squirrel hole. Use a 50:50 ratio of peppermint oil to water, and shake the bottle well before spraying it onto the ground.

To put down a peppermint scent around a ground squirrel hole, mix a few drops of peppermint oil with cayenne extract and place it in an area where squirrels may be walking around. If you cannot place the cinnamon balls around your property, you can also use a sheer nylon hose filled with peppermint oil. Place the hose at the ground squirrel hole and the squirrels will not cross the area.

Gopher gas cartridges

Using Gopher gas cartridges is a quick way to eliminate these burrowing rodents. This product comes with easy-to-follow instructions for use. To activate the gas cartridge, puncture the cap with a sharp instrument, such as a nail, and insert the fuse into the hole. Insert the cartridge in the active burrow entrance, and then cover the hole with soil. Do not throw the gas cartridge into the hole. To avoid sparks, keep a close eye on escaping fumes.

If you want to use Gopher gas cartridges for ground squirrels, you should first make sure you are applying them in a safe distance from any structures in the area. While sulfur is the primary component of the gas, some types of gas cartridges may be heavier in charcoal or carbon. You should check the pesticide labels to ensure that the gas cartridges you are using are safe for use near buildings and other structures.

Plant life

To discourage ground squirrels from burrowing in your garden, you can use the fumigants. These fumigants can be applied over a wide area with four to eight rows of alternative seed. If you find damage in a single row, spot-treat that area. To be effective, the fumigants must be applied more than a foot deep. However, don’t overdo it. If you see multiple holes in the same row, you may need to spot-treat your garden.

A few ground squirrel control methods are live trapping, poisoning, and mesh/fence options. These methods will eliminate ground squirrels from your garden without harming other wildlife or your pets. Be sure to notify public health officials if you find large numbers of dead ground squirrels in your area. Also, avoid handling dead ground squirrels or removing their nests unless they are completely dead. Using bait traps to get rid of ground squirrels may harm your plants, so it’s important to choose the method that’s best for you.


There are several types of ground squirrel traps. A single-pull trap needs a baited trigger and must be set on a solid surface. The trap should be placed in an area where nontarget animals will not be likely to enter the box. Set traps at least 3 inches apart, and use larger boxes when possible. Regardless of what type of ground squirrel trap you choose, it’s important to understand its safety measures and follow local regulations.

The wire mesh of a ground squirrel trap must be wide enough to trap larger rodents. This is to avoid smaller animals from snatching the bait. The wire mesh width also impacts the effectiveness of the trap. Multi-catch traps are more effective than single-catch traps. The width of the wire mesh is also important because a smaller rodent may chew through the wire mesh and escape. Moreover, they should be made of sturdy materials.

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