what can you feed to a ground squirrel

What Can You Feed to a Ground Squirrel?what can you feed to a ground squirrel

So, you want to know what can you feed to a ground squirrel? This article will go over a few possible sources. It also talks about rodent blocks and fruits that squirrels like to eat. Here are some things to keep in mind when feeding these animals. To avoid getting hurt by them, feed them only when you know exactly what they want. Never try to feed a squirrel your children’s leftovers.

Food sources for ground squirrels

Although the ground squirrel is an omnivore, if you want to attract them to your yard, you must provide food sources that they will love. These creatures will eat just about anything, including fruit trees, nuts, and seeds. They also enjoy rummaging through bird feeders for seeds. In addition to fruits and seeds, ground squirrels also like to gnaw on tree bark and leaves. If you want to attract ground squirrels to your yard, consider planting fruit trees and making them your favorite meal.

When choosing food sources for ground squirrels, make sure to select foods high in calcium. A good source of calcium is nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of protein for squirrels. They also like grasses and legumes. While this may seem a little strange, ground squirrels’ diet is actually remarkably similar to that of our pets. In fact, you may even find a squirrel or two in your garden.


You may be wondering what fruit to feed a ground squirrel. You should know that this species will readily eat plums, but you should also keep in mind that you should only feed it in moderation. Squirrels are not picky eaters. They will happily eat fruits that are readily available, including apples, figs, plums, and kiwifruit. Aside from plums, other fruits that ground squirrels will eat include apricots, mangoes, and kiwifruit.

The best fruit to feed a ground squirrel is apple, pear, or apricot. Ground squirrels also enjoy the seeds of many plants, including invasive shrubs. They will even eat dead animals. To attract a ground squirrel, plant a fruit tree in your yard. The ground squirrel will love the delicious treats. You will be surprised by how many of these fruit trees are thriving in your yard.


Keeping your ground squirrel happy is simple if you know how to properly feed it. There are many varieties of seeds that ground squirrels love. Try mixing a few of them together and you’ll have a happy ground squirrel in no time! You can also put some fruit in a bowl or jar to attract them. You’ll be surprised at the variety of seeds your ground squirrel will eat! Here are some of the best:

Most squirrels naturally seek a balanced diet, but it’s easy to make things difficult by providing too much of the wrong kinds of food. Fruit is a great source of calcium for squirrels, but too much will prevent them from absorbing the calcium they need to stay healthy. When feeding your ground squirrel, rotate your fruit and vegetables so that your ground squirrel will continue to enjoy a balanced diet. A little bit of fruit can go a long way!

Rodent blocks

When choosing what to feed your ground squirrel, it’s important to provide an adequate diet rich in nutrients and a variety of tasty treats. The following recipe will provide healthy treats for your ground squirrel. This recipe is much healthier than other ground squirrel food mixes, and will provide a variety of benefits for your ground squirrel. It also adds fat and phosphorus, which can discourage the squirrel from gaining weight.

As with most pet animals, feeding your ground squirrel is best done with a balanced diet of fresh foods and rodent blocks. Though rodent blocks are a great source of nutrients, it’s best to feed one to two per day. Fresh ear corn and mealworms are other good options, and you can use one or both to make a full meal for your ground squirrel. Make sure to monitor your squirrel’s feedings and adjust the amounts as needed.

Human junk food

If you are like most people, you have fed and laid out a bowl of human junk food for your ground squirrel. Although squirrels love to eat, some foods are not good for them and can harm their digestive system. Some of the worst choices are breakfast cereals and other starchy foods like rice, pasta, bread, and rye. These types of foods do not contain any nutritional value for squirrels, and they can also make them hyper.

Sugary snacks are bad for your ground squirrel’s health. Raw garlic and onion emit a foul smell, which they absolutely hate. Hot peppers are also repulsive to squirrels, and can kill them with their strong flavor. It’s best to stay away from these foods entirely and give your ground squirrel a natural diet as much as possible. While you can buy squirrel treats and other goodies, you have to make sure you can get them without harming them.

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