What Can You Put On A Pole So A Squirrel Cant Climb Up

What Can You Put on a Pole So a Squirrel Cant Climb Up It?What Can You Put On A Pole So A Squirrel Cant Climb Up

If you want to keep a squirrel off your property, you might want to consider putting something on a pole that will deter them. A common myth is that petroleum jelly or any other sticky substance will keep squirrels from climbing your pole. In fact, these substances can actually be harmful if squirrels ingest them. In addition, petroleum jelly or any other sticky substance will only attract more squirrels.


You can make baffles on a pole so a small squirrel cannot climb up it. These are generally made of plastic, plexiglass, or hard plastic. Squirrels are infamous for chewing through plastic and plexiglass, so make sure they are big enough for a squirrel to fit through. Baffles made of this material can be made to be more expensive, but they have all the same pros and cons as the top pick.

You can mount the baffles on any pole with a diameter of half an inch to one and a quarter inches. You can attach them to the pole using a shepherd’s hook or you can screw them in the pole from underneath. The baffles have a wide surface area to keep squirrels and rodents from perching, but they also prevent raindrops from getting to the food.

Sticky poles

One of the best ways to discourage squirrels from climbing up your fence is to use a metal slinky. This squirrel-trapping tool has a super smooth surface and can help keep squirrels away from your yard. Added to this, it also serves as a good way to catch chipmunks, birds, and squirrels. And while it might be tedious, it works!

A second way to prevent squirrels from climbing your fence is to use a bird feeder on a pole. A squirrel will likely climb up a pole if it can’t get away from the birdseed. Installing a squirrel-proof bird feeder will help you keep them away. Make sure to mount the feeder on a sturdy pole with a strong wire. This way, they won’t be able to get to the birdfeeds.

A squirrel can’t jump over a pole over 5 feet in length, seven feet sideways, and nine feet in height. To prevent this, use a pole that is 8 feet high, or higher. For birdwatching purposes, the highest pole you can use is 10 feet high. However, you won’t be able to purchase poles of this length, so it’s best to aim for a higher pole.

Cone-shaped baffles

The first and most important factor is the material of the baffle. You want to get something that is durable enough to stand up to the chewing attempts of a squirrel. Plastic and anything else that is not metal is a favorite of theirs. Also, keep in mind that they are not hibernating animals, so it is important to use baffles made of something other than plastic.

A squirrel-proof feeder will help protect your investment. Use cone-shaped baffles mounted six to eight inches apart on a pole to discourage your pet from climbing the feeder. Make sure the baffles are at least six inches apart, as a squirrel can chew through plastic and get through. You can also use cone-shaped baffles that are a half-inch to a quarter-inch wide, positioned at a six to eight-inch distance from the pole.

Copper poles

It’s not that copper poles are too tall for a squirrel to climb, but they can’t reach the top of a PVC pole. You can also use grease to coat the poles, which will prevent them from climbing. You can also get bird feeder poles that have squirrel baffles attached to them. But keep in mind that squirrels will always find a way to get onto them if they can’t reach the top.

You can also make a squirrel-proof bird feeder using PVC pipe. Before you build your feeder, you need to remove the old bird feeder from the post. Then, place the PVC pipe in a miter box and mark the point where the saw guide is. Plumbing pipe is a good deterrent for squirrels because the squirrel will not have enough traction to slide down the pipes.

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