What Cereal Brand Has A Squirrel On Box

What Cereal Brand Has a Squirrel on the Box? What Cereal Brand Has A Squirrel On Box

What cereal brand has a squirrel on the box? Those who have been around long enough have most likely wondered this question. You can choose from Quaker, Honey Nut Clusters, Urkel O’s, or C3PO’s cereal to learn more. This article is a fun and informative introduction to a beloved character. If you’re looking for your next favorite cereal box character, you’ve come to the right place.

Honey Nut Clusters

If you have ever wondered why the Honey Nut Clusters cereal has a picture of a squirrel on the box, you’re not alone. The cereal is popular among kids and parents alike, with the picture of a family eating a bowl of Clusters depicting a squirrel driving off with the family camper. The cereal is produced by General Mills and has been around since 1987, but it gained popularity because of its squirrel advertisements. Robo-Squirrel was one of the commercials that featured this popular cereal.

Robo-Squirrel is a bionic squirrel created by Peter Knowlton. The Strawberry Shortcake doll was popular in 1977, and the cereal based on it followed suit in 1981. The product even had test versions of her friends. Another cereal that had a squirrel on the box was Orange Blossom, which had an artificial orange flavor. However, Robo-Squirrel has since been discontinued.

C3PO’s cereal

In 1984, C3PO’s cereal hit grocery stores. The box featured Anthony Daniels in the role of the droid. The cereal’s ingredients included oats, wheat, and corn. It was marketed as “a futuristic twist on Cheerios.” Though it doesn’t appear to be as golden as the movie’s title, the cereal’s appearance is based on an unused concept design from Ron Cobb.

The original cereal box for the cereal was a honey-flavored blob. It came out one year after the third Star Wars film. Some boxes even included Plastic Rebel Rockets, Star Wars Sticker/Trading Cards, and Cut-out Star Wars Masks. You could even find a box with a Kenner Star Wars action figure! These boxes were sold as a multi-pack or single serving box. These boxes are now very rare among cereal box collectors.

Urkel O’s

For many years, it seemed strange that the company that produced the wildly popular Urkel O’s cereal would feature a squirrel on the box. This is especially true in light of the fact that the cereal was fruit flavored and featured a loop-like shape. Perhaps the idea of a squirrel on a box was too far-fetched, but the truth is, the cereal was incredibly tasty and marketable.

The character was actually based on a fictional television character named Steve Urkel, who starred in the show Family Matters from 1989 to 1998. The character was an archetypal nerd who was created by a fan named Jaleel White. Although originally set to appear on only one episode of the show, Steve Urkel quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The cartoon was even so popular that Urkel O’s even has his own official website.


The iconic squirrel on Quaker cereal boxes isn’t the only reason it is recognizable. A series of commercials for the company have featured the squirrel in various capacities. In 1987, General Mills ran a squirrel campaign featuring a nut-envy squirrel. This squirrel, of course, was the face of the brand’s Honey Nut Clusters. As the nut-envy squirrel, Quaker used the image of a nut-deprived squirrel to gain a foothold in the hearts of a growing population.

In the UK, a squirrel-based campaign was launched. The squirrels targeted half-asleep consumers in their own homes. In a big estate, a squirrel whose ambition was not quite as limited as its size took on a woman who was enjoying her Clusters. The squirrel’s success proved that he could live in almost any environment. The campaign was a hit, resulting in the creation of other cartoon squirrels like Robo-Squirrel.


OffLimits cereal features a squirrel on the box, a twist on traditional male characters. It was created by Emily Miller, author of the Breakfast cookbook and host of the Breakfast Club tour of famous breakfast spots around New York City. The cereal features two flavors, each representing a fictional character whose mood or emotion it represents. The new line will also feature an arcade-style redemption system where consumers can win unique merchandise.

Robo-Squirrel, a bionic squirrel invented by Peter Knowlton, has been featured on the OffLimits box since 1997. Strawberry Shortcake, a doll popularized in the 1970s, was licensed in 1981 as a cereal. The cereal also had short-lived test versions of her friends, including Orange Blossom. In recent years, other cereal brands have also featured squirrels.

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