What Choke Is Best For Squirrel Hunting

Which Choke is Best For Squirrel Hunting? what-choke-is-best-for-squirrel-hunting

If you’re looking for a good shotgun to take down squirrels, you should consider using a.410 shotgun. Then, you should select a choke tube made by Carlson’s that is 20 gauge flush mount stainless. These are both available from most outdoor stores, so be sure to research the different types of chokes to find the one that works best for you. In this article, you’ll learn which choke is the best choice for squirrel hunting.

No. 9 TSS loaded shot

The best type of choke to use for squirrel hunting is the full choke. No. 9 TSS loaded shot is the most effective for squirrel hunting, due to its exceptional pattern density and superior terminal performance. This ammunition has a higher density than lead and tungsten pellets, and is available in several gauges and sizes. A limited supply of No. 7.5 TSS will be available later in the season, too. This load is more than twice as dense as lead shot, and has a superior pattern density at any range.

Although heavier shotguns may make for better accuracy, they are not necessary for squirrel hunting. A 28 gauge or larger is fine, but heavier shotguns are unnecessary for squirrel hunting. A good squirrel load is Federal’s Heavyweight TSS. Size 9 shot also provides excellent penetration and range. It’s also a good choice for walk-about squirrel hunting. When squirrel hunting, make sure to take along a vest with a bloodproof game bag, water, snacks, and binoculars.

The No. 9 TSS loaded shot is most effective in sub-gauge shotguns. Some hunters use larger guns for this purpose. However, if you’re looking for the most effective shot for squirrel hunting, try No. 9 TSS. It’s effective at all distances and can be deadly in a squirrel’s burrow. This shot also works well in a variety of shotguns, and is recommended for most hunting situations.

.410 shotgun

If you’re going to shoot a squirrel, you should use a.410 shotgun with a choke tube. This size is more forgiving than a 22 rifle and will allow you to take down a squirrel from 35 yards away. The go-to shot size is rabbit and squirrel no. 6 lead shot, but larger shot sizes are more effective for squirrels that live high up in the trees. A good choke tube is the Carlson’s 20 Gauge Long Beard choke or the TRUGLO Gobble-Stopper Xtreme Shotgun Choke Tube.

While you should be patient when hunting a squirrel with a.410 shotgun, it is also essential to use binoculars. In the fall, squirrels often give away their location. A squirrel may flick its tail, or it may react to a nearby hawk. If you’re able to find a squirrel with a sighted gun, you’ll have a much better chance of bringing home the meat.

A.410 shotgun choke with a modified pattern is better for hunting closer to 30 yards. A full choke will allow you to hit the squirrel at 30 yards or less but will ruin the meat. If you’re shooting a treetop squirrel, a full choke is best. The problem with this choke is the pattern density. A shot string with holes is not effective in hitting a squirrel at a distance. The best choke for squirrel hunting is a combination of two.

Carlson’s Choke Tube 20 Gauge Flush Mount Stainless Choke Tube

It’s easy to understand why hunting coyotes and squirrels is popular among men. Both species are hard to take down with a standard shotgun. But with a high-quality, stainless-steel choke tube, you can take a shot at a distant prey with precision. Whether you’re preparing to hunt for squirrels or coyotes, the right choke tube will increase your chances of success.

The right choke tube will enhance the performance of your shotgun by making it swing smoothly and without disrupting its point. Choke tubes should be durable and corrosion-free. The most common type of choke tube is made from stainless steel. Carlson’s tubes are 17-4 heat-treated stainless. A full choke is not recommended for sporting clays, but it is perfect for shotguns that use lead or copper-plated shot.

The Carlson’s choke tubes offer the best accuracy in shooting at long distances and close ranges. Their non-ported tube designs allow for a smoother grip pattern, making follow-up shots easier. Despite being heavy, they’re easy to remove. A full choke allows for more accurate shooting, but it’s very important to maintain an accurate aim to avoid overshooting. The improved cylinder provides less constriction than a full choke but delivers excellent results when shooting sporting clays.


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