What Color Are Squirrels?

What Color Are Squirrels?

You’ve probably wondered, “What color are squirrels?” If you live in eastern North America, you may be tempted to say gray. You’d be correct – most squirrels are gray. But if you live in an old-growth forest, the majority of squirrels are black! The truth is, however, somewhere in between. Despite their varying shades of brown, and gray, there is one thing that all squirrels have in common – a unique personality.

Varieties Of Squirrel Colors

Unlike humans, squirrels can change their color. Grey, for example, is consistent color, with reddish tones on the underside. This coloration can change with age, and in some cases, a gray squirrel can develop a pinkish or red appearance. Albino gray squirrels are rare, though they do exist. In addition, white squirrels are common in the south of Britain, where they make up more than twenty percent of the population. Meanwhile, black squirrels are becoming increasingly common in parts of England and the United States.

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Grey and black species of squirrels are closely related, with the gray variety being pure red with patches of purplish-black fur. It’s possible that their coat color is inherited, as it is in the case of the European red and black varieties of the gray species. Other color variants include a blue-gray and a black-and-white morph. In the United States, gray and black squirrels are both native to the country, but they are invasive and pose a danger to their native range.

Grey and black morphs are not separate species. They are simply color variations of wild-type squirrels. Although not every color is common in nature, it is possible for a specific species of a particular morph to look different. The black and white morph, for example, is an albino form. The Piebald Grey morph, the ‘frosty’ phenotype, and the red phenotype are examples of color aberrations in squirrels. Nevertheless, these are rare, and the only ones that have been recorded are the red and white morphs.

The dark and white squirrels are different in appearance. A black-and-red morph is a distinguishing feature of the red species. If you’re not sure which species you’re looking at, check for ear tufts and other distinguishing features. Those tufts indicate the species, which is also called a red-headed or a grey-black morph. The tufts are most prominent in winter.

The black and white morphs are not separate species, but color variants of the black and white types. They are not albino but have a white underside. This is a characteristic that reflects the species’ origins. In general, the gray morph is the most common form, but it’s possible that the red fox morph has a red coat. These animals are not spotted, and their undersides are usually red.

Another variety of squirrels is known as the cinnamon morph. Its fur is a reddish-orange color. In the north, it has a black tail. In northern climates, the cinnamon morph is the most common type. In eastern North America, a white morph is a more recent development. These two species are often confused with each other. In the United States, they are more commonly seen.

Squirrels may appear in one of several colors. Some are naturally black and others are grey. Some have red or white undersides. In some populations, the red and white morphs have a red underside. In the south of the UK, they are considered albino. The British subspecies are the most common. But not all of these species are black. So, the black and white morphs are closely related but do not look alike.

Final Thoughts

Squirrels can be either red or white. The red fox is the most common, with an orange tail. While a gray fox squirrel is the most common, the black fox has white feet and a belly. The Sherman’s fox is the most colorful, with a black head and rusty red fur. In addition to their gray fur, they have a black tongue. They are not all the same.


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