What Color is Squirrel Poop?

Unlike most rodent faeces, squirrel poop is round and oval. It is roughly the size of a staple, about three to eight inches long, and has a slight bulge in the centre. Squirrel faeces are usually dark brown or black, and the pellets are round. They can be moist or dry, and they may also be soft or brittle. It is impossible to differentiate rat faeces from squirrel poo, so it is crucial to distinguish these two types of faeces.

Squirrel Poop

Squirrel poop is smooth and dark brown. Its colour is similar to rat faeces. Compared to rat faeces, squirrel droppings are lighter and resemble large barrel-shaped pellets. Interestingly, squirrel poop is less red and browner than rat faeces. If you are concerned about a particular area, it is best to get a professional pest control service to take a look.

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Squirrel droppings are difficult to identify because they look very similar to rat faeces. They are small brown pellets with rounded sides. They are usually about a half-inch in length and about an eighth of an inch wide. They will change colour as they age, turning from dark brown to lighter green, with white at the end. So, if you have squirrel droppings in your home, don’t panic! The difference in colour between the two species is minimal, but you can use a few tricks to identify them.


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