What Could You Use For Good Squirrel Bait?

What Could You Use For Good Squirrel Bait?What Could You Use For Good Squirrel Bait?

If you’re looking for squirrel bait that is not made from nuts, you have a few options. Peanut butter, Orange slices, and other fruit are great choices. You can also try using acorns and walnuts as bait. They have a very strong smell and are very juicy, which squirrels love. Another option is marshmallows, which squirrels also like. Depending on your area and needs, you may want to experiment with different items to see which ones work best.


When it comes to repelling squirrels, the best bait is unsalted nuts. These are very attractive to squirrels. But if you don’t have any nuts around, you can try using bird seed. Birdseed will work as a good squirrel bait as well. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, and almonds are also good options. However, they should come in their shells. If you have no other choice, peanut butter works better than peanuts.

Although it’s tempting to use peanut butter to attract squirrels, nuts are even better. They can be salted or unsalted, and they’re an excellent choice as bait for traps. You can also try other types of bait like peanut butter and almond extract. Whether you use nuts, popcorn, or nut products, you’re sure to find something that will attract squirrels. Once you’ve decided what type of bait you want to use, you’re ready to lure the rodents into your trap.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a favorite food of squirrels and can be used as a great trap to attract them to your yard. However, you should avoid feeding squirrels peanut butter every day because it will lead them to become dependent on humans for their food. Instead, give them nuts or seeds – unsalted preferably – or fix them to a bait pan. They will eventually find the food and take it as a meal.

If you do trap squirrels, you need to purchase a proper cage trap for them. The cage must contain both bait and the appropriate size for squirrels. A too-large trap can cause injury. Ideally, the cage trap should be six inches high and between fourteen and eighteen inches long. Ensure the trap you purchase is barrier sealed to keep out pests and keep the bait fresh. If you don’t have a cage trap for squirrels, you can purchase one from a pet store.

Orange slices

For years, we’ve been avoiding using citrus fruits as squirrel bait. But we’ve discovered that oranges are a tasty alternative. These fruity delights are highly attractive to squirrels, and they love them because they’re natural. Since they’re omnivores, they thrive on fruits and nuts, but they’ve also adapted to eating human foods, such as peanut butter, to survive.

While it’s tempting to offer a rat or a squirrel peanut butter, they’re unlikely to bite it. A more attractive treat for them might be peanut butter, which is readily available at any grocery store. Moreover, squirrels are known to love sunflower seeds and nuts. You can place these items inside a squirrel trap and watch your catch rate increase. Regardless of the method you use, it’s imperative to choose the best bait for the particular species you’re catching.

Other fruits are more attractive to squirrels. Apples and oranges are some of the most attractive fruits to use as squirrel trap bait. However, oranges are also a good choice, because they have a sweet scent and a pleasant smell. Additionally, bread and peanut butter can be used as bait pans. You can also use marshmallow or peanut butter for edible glue. But the main reason why these foods work so well is because they are tasty and stick to the ground.


One way to catch a squirrel is to use fruit as squirrel bait. Oranges contain high amounts of Indole, which is a strong odor that attracts mother squirrels. You can also use peanut butter or acorns as alternatives to fruit. In the garden, squirrels like to steal fruits and birdseed. You can place them in your trap and they will come running to your garden. Peanut butter also attracts them.

Peanut butter is another popular choice as squirrel bait. Its smooth texture and sweet taste are attractive to these animals. The peanut butter only attracts squirrels if they have no other choices. You may also try using cheaper peanut butter. However, great value creamy peanut butter is worth trying. It contains iron, protein, and a good combination of sweet and salty flavors. Moreover, it contains no artificial flavors. This product is made in the United States.

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