What Dates Are Squirrel Hunting Season In Central Illinois?

What Dates Are Squirrel Hunting Season in Central Illinois?

If you are looking for information on squirrel hunting in Central Illinois, you’ve come to the right place. Find out about the season, licenses, and habitats. Then, find out what dates squirrel hunting season is open in your area. You’ll be able to make the most of your hunt with these tips! You can also check out our State Lands page for more details!

State lands

If you enjoy hunting for small game, Central Illinois offers a cornucopia of opportunities. With few public lands and a heavy hunter population, farmland woodlots are filled with fox squirrels and grays. Moreover, larger bottomland timber tracts provide excellent hunting opportunities. But when is the best time to hunt for squirrels in Central Illinois? Let’s take a closer look.

Generally, the season for squirrel hunting in Illinois begins August 1 and runs until February 15, depending on the state. However, the season is also closed during the firearm deer seasons, Nov. 22-23, and Dec. 5-8. You may also be able to hunt in some public areas, though there are more restrictions. To find out which areas are open to squirrel hunting, refer to the Illinois Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations.


It’s time to start your quest for a local squirrel, and the 2013-14 squirrel hunting season has just begun. With a license in hand, you can enjoy the thrill of squirrel hunting early in the season, and even get a little of that opening day jitter out of the way! For more information about hunting and trapping in Illinois, check out the Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations.

Although the population of these rodents is low and there are fewer public lands in central Illinois, the region still has a rich supply of wildlife for hunters to pursue. For example, farmland woodlots are home to plentiful fox squirrels, and large bottomland timber acres offer good gray squirrel hunting. This is not to say that you can’t find the occasional squirrel, but there are plenty of areas where you can get a license for this species of game.

Areas open to hunting

If you’re looking for a great fall activity, squirrel hunting in central Illinois can offer a cornucopia of options. Although there are very few public hunting areas in this region, there are several farmland woodlots that are abundant with gray and fox squirrels. If you’re interested in a hunt for this species, the state’s largest bottomland timber tracts offer excellent hunting for gray squirrels.

The state of Illinois’s season for squirrel hunting begins Aug. 1 and runs through Feb. 15. In most areas, the squirrel population remains healthy year after year, but some areas experience fluctuations in numbers. As a result, squirrel populations fluctuate seasonally, but overall, there is ample opportunity for hunters to enjoy a successful season. In Illinois, you can hunt for squirrels in many areas during the entire season, including the suburbs of Chicago and Champaign County.


If you are looking to observe wildlife in your area, you may find it interesting to know about the habitat of squirrels in central Illinois. In addition to the squirrels of southern Illinois, you will also find the Eastern Gray Squirrel. The Eastern Gray Squirrel is an invasive species in many parts of the country. They can be a problem for the native squirrel population because they outcompete them, especially in urban areas.

In the state of Illinois, there are seven species of squirrels. Of them, three are ground squirrels and live in forests and parks. The other two are flying squirrels that are found mostly along the rivers in the north and east. The fox squirrel lives in the southeastern portion of the state. It has a limited range, and is thought to have spread to Illinois from neighboring states. Eastern Illinois University research suggests that red squirrels use forest habitats as travel corridors.


The regulations for squirrel hunting in central Illinois vary by animal and season. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources provides information on the regulations for each species. For more information, contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources at (312) 747-4665. You can make up to three reservations per site. Once you’ve registered, you will be provided with driving directions and a map of the area. If you’re hunting with a child, they must also register for the IRAP. IRAP access is provided through the cooperation of private landowners. Hunters are expected to practice safe hunting practices and respect the land. Generally, hunters must park in a designated area.

In Illinois, squirrel hunting season is open from August 1 to February 15. Some public areas of the state have additional restrictions. The season’s varying behavior makes it necessary for hunters to adjust their methods. For instance, while squirrels spend most of the day in trees, the leaves and other cover can make it difficult to see them. To find them easily, it’s best to start hunting early in the morning or late at night.

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