What Do Squirrel Hate

What Do Squirrels Hate? what-do-squirrel-hate

If you want to keep squirrels away from your garden, there are several things you can do. One of the best ways is to use a spray that contains hot sauce. Mix a few tablespoons of hot sauce with a gallon of water and spray plants with it. Make sure to apply it frequently or you’ll have to keep reapplying it. Other effective repellents include garlic, pepper, and vinegar. Mix the ingredients together and spray the fences and stakes in your vegetable garden.


You may have seen the term “mothballs” and wondered if they were actually effective. The fact is that mothballs are a product that contains a nasty chemical called naphthalene, which is toxic to many animals. Mothballs have many other disadvantages besides being effective against squirrels – they are bad for the environment, and they also harm animals.

While mothballs have a strong odor, they are an effective repellent for squirrels. You can place them near flowers, shrubs, and even in attics. Just make sure you replace them regularly if you don’t want the scent to dissipate. Mothballs can also help if you have a skunk-scented flower nearby. The scent of skunks is similar to the smell of cleomes, which squirrels absolutely hate.


Squirrels are known to be repulsive to certain smells. Mint and pepper are among these. You can place grates around your plants to trap them. You can also use Irish Spring soap. Irish Spring is known to repel squirrels, but it can also work effectively in your yard and home. This soap is particularly strong in its smell, which is not liked by squirrels. Therefore, use this product sparingly.

If you’re wondering how to repel squirrels, you can plant peppermint in your garden. Peppermint is also effective in repelling chipmunks and squirrels. You can even use peppermint essential oil in a water spray. Mint is a natural deterrent for squirrels, but you should make sure to put it in an area where the animals won’t have easy access. Just remember to keep the plant out of reach of indoor animals!


There are many different ways to repel squirrels, and pepper is among them. Not only is pepper pungent, it’s also toxic to them. That means you must be extra vigilant when you have pepper around your home, and use it only sparingly. However, there are other ways you can repel squirrels, such as planting hyacinths or peppermint in your garden. And don’t forget to keep your dog and garden safe. Pepper is what squirrels hate!

One of the most effective ways to repel squirrels is to sprinkle pepper on your garden. You can combine red pepper and cayenne pepper. This mixture works the same way, as it is hot enough to burn the squirrel’s nose, but it won’t hurt your plants. If you use chili pepper, mix it with red pepper, and the squirrels will be repelled. However, you can also try mixing cayenne pepper with red pepper.

Mint flakes

Peppermint is a strong scent that human beings find refreshing. But squirrels find it an abomination. Though it is natural and does not have ill effects on humans and the eco system, squirrels have strong sense of smell and the peppermint aroma overwhelms them. Therefore, they will be unable to find food or shelter if they encounter peppermint flakes in your home or yard. To avoid this situation, you can try to place a few blocks of peppermint oil or spray in your garden.

Another effective way to repel squirrels is peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is much stronger than peppermint flakes. Similarly, hot pepper works as a repellent. If peppermint oil is not available, you can place cotton balls on the fence posts, near the windows or even in the trees. However, be aware of the risks of overuse and contact with children. Before using peppermint oil, always consult a veterinarian.

Mint leaves

Peppermint leaves and essential oil are effective repellents for squirrels. Although they are natural, peppermint has a strong odor, which squirrels dislike. It can be applied to plants and cloths in a spray bottle or diluted in water and left on the ground. In addition to peppermint, squirrels also dislike garlic, black pepper, and white pepper. Spraying them will prevent them from accessing plants and flowers.

Irish spring soap is a powerful deterrent to ground squirrels. Sprinkled around plants, it will repel squirrels for about ten feet. Irish spring soap also has a strong odor that irritates the squirrels. To discourage ground squirrels, use peppermint essential oil in your garden. Also, sprinkle coffee grounds around the base of trees and shrubs that you want to keep out of reach of squirrels.


There’s no doubt that squirrels hate skunks! This reptile has been known to kill poultry and small farm animals, and its natural instincts make it an apprehensive animal for many owners. While skunks don’t usually attack pets, they’ll certainly eat the dead animals. You can help protect your animals by using a long-handled shovel and placing them in a plastic bag. Be sure to wear gloves before handling the plastic bag. Once you’ve picked up the dead animal, tie a knot at the top and place it into another bag.

Another way to keep squirrels from invading your yard is to make your own repellent spray. You can easily make a homemade spray with hot sauce and vinegar and apply it to your plants. Be sure to reapply the repellent regularly if you’re serious about protecting your plants. For added effect, try growing flowers that smell like skunks. Crown imperials and cleomes are plants that give off a skunk-like odor.

What do squirrels hate?


squirrels hate being cold so they will often seek out a warm place to nest.

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