What Do You Feed A Flying Squirrel

What Do You Feed a Flying Squirrel?what-do-you-feed-a-flying-squirrel

If you are looking for some interesting wildlife pet foods, you should consider giving your flying squirrels a few different types of nuts, seeds, and fruits. Likewise, they love to snack on insects. Nuts and seeds are excellent choices for flying squirrels, and you can even feed them whole insects! Read on to learn more. You can also try adding some bird cuttlebones to your flying squirrel’s diet.


Nuts are a staple part of squirrel diets. They have excellent sense of smell and can easily find buried nuts. This strategic intelligence has been observed in researchers, with some species showing “deceptive caching” techniques to hide food. Eastern gray squirrels, for instance, will pretend to throw an acorn into a hole, then cover it up again and run off to another secret-stash site.

Red squirrels like unsalted and shelled peanuts. Adding cheese to their diet can provide extra fat. Squirrels will often store fat for colder weather. For this reason, it is important to provide them with a variety of food sources, so that they can continue to thrive. If possible, feed them a few nuts per day and you’ll be rewarded with an adorable pet.


To encourage a flying squirrel to visit your yard, it is important to provide a variety of foods. Unlike the eastern gray squirrel, flying squirrels will only venture onto your property at night, when predators are not present. If you leave an abundance of food on the ground, the flying squirrels may forage elsewhere. This can be harmful to your yard since flying squirrels are highly vulnerable to predators while on the ground.

Providing a wide range of food sources and varying levels of nutrition for your flying squirrel is essential to ensuring a healthy and happy pet. While some flying squirrels will not eat rodent blocks, they will readily consume them if they are the only food source available to them. Also, you can gradually increase the amount of time between feedings. However, be sure to never feed your flying squirrel packaged squirrel food or pet treats. Avoid using any types of artificial sweeteners or starchy foods, such as potatoes or rice.


As small as eight to 10 inches long, flying squirrels are more likely to be at risk for metabolic disorders and dietary deficiencies than larger mammals. While fruit and nuts can provide valuable nutrients, flying squirrels need a high-protein diet. Banana slices, which contain a lot of sugar for the tiny animal, are a healthy treat to feed a flying squirrel once or twice a week. Alternatively, you can also feed a flying squirrel a mixture of fruits and vegetables.

Some types of flying squirrels are omnivorous, meaning they also eat bird eggs and rodent meat. In the Pacific Northwest, some squirrels have an affinity for truffles. Others are scavengers or hoarders, depending on their needs. Regardless of their dietary needs, these animals are very receptive to human food and will happily eat the appropriate amount. To make sure your flying squirrel gets the proper nutrition, feed it fruit that is rich in fiber and vitamins.


What to feed a flying squirrel is not as simple as you think. This is a very complex animal and proper nutrition is necessary to keep it healthy. There are two types of flying squirrels in North America. Both species require different types of food for optimal health. If you’re unsure what to feed a flying squirrel, here are some suggestions:

When it’s time to feed your flying squirrel, it’s best to start young. You can provide them with a calcium powder, which will ensure that they get the correct amount of calcium needed. You can also feed them mealworms and wax worms occasionally. You can also give them goat’s milk or esbilac if they are still young. Adult flying squirrels typically eat fruits, vegetables, insects, and seeds. Fruits and vegetables are also great sources of nutrients.

Rodent block

You can feed your flying squirrel with a rodent block. These are pre-made food blocks that are containing the foods that squirrels need on a daily basis. You can also add some sugars or molasses to improve the taste. However, you should always keep in mind that not all squirrels will consume rodent blocks. You should introduce them to this type of food when they are young. So, it is best to provide the right amount to keep your flying squirrel healthy and happy.

If you are feeding your flying squirrel a homemade food or seed mix, make sure you choose one that contains essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamins, and protein. This way, they will have a balanced diet. You can also supplement the block with fresh fruits and vegetables. But, it is important to remember that squirrels need a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and active. A healthy diet should consist of a balance of vegetables, nuts, and fresh fruits.

How often should you feed a flying squirrel?

You should feed a flying squirrel once or twice a day.

What kind of food do flying squirrels eat?

Flying squirrels eat a variety of foods including insects fruits and nuts.

Do flying squirrels drink water?

Yes flying squirrels drink water like any other animal.

How do you give water to a flying squirrel?

You can give water to a flying squirrel by using a water bottle with a small hole in the top or by putting water in a dish.

What is the best way to keep a flying squirrel in captivity?

The best way to keep a flying squirrel in captivity is to keep it in a large cage with plenty of branches and toys.

How long do flying squirrels live?

In captivity flying squirrels can live up to 10 years.

What is the natural habitat of a flying squirrel?

The natural habitat of a flying squirrel is in the forests of North America.

What is the gestation period for a flying squirrel?

The gestation period for a flying squirrel is about 42 days.

How many babies does a flying squirrel have at a time?

A flying squirrel generally has 1-4 babies at a time.

When are flying squirrels born?

Flying squirrels are born between May and July.

How long does it take for a flying squirrel to mature?

It takes a flying squirrel about 9-12 months to mature.

Do flying squirrels hibernate?

Yes flying squirrels hibernate during the winter months.

Where do flying squirrels hibernate?

Flying squirrels usually hibernate in tree hollows.

What do flying squirrels do during hibernation?

During hibernation flying squirrels lower their body temperature and heart rate and they do not eat or drink.

What is the purpose of a flying squirrel’s tail?

The primary purpose of a flying squirrel’s tail is to help it glide through the air.

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