What Do You Give A 8 Week Old Baby Squirrel To Drink

What Do You Give a 8 Week Old Baby Squirrel to Drink?what do you give a 8 week old baby squirrel to drink

For the first few weeks, your baby squirrel will need to be fed formula. This formula is Esbilac. By week eight, you should start introducing solid food, like nuts and seeds. You should use a glass water bottle or stainless steel cup to feed him, as they are safer and more hygienic than plastic cups. You can also use a glass or stainless steel feeding dish. As long as the dish is dishwasher-safe, you should use glass water bottles or a stainless steel cup. A ceramic feeding dish is also safer and more sanitary than plastic.

Esbilac is the best formula for baby squirrels

When feeding your eight-week-old baby squirrel, make sure to choose the right formula. Esbilac is available in powder or premixed form, and it is easy on the squirrel’s digestive system. To prepare Esbilac, mix one part powder with four parts water, then stir and strain the mixture. If you are using a premixed form, make sure to use a strainer to ensure that it doesn’t lump or otherwise spoil.

Nuts and seeds

A healthy diet is crucial to your baby squirrel’s health. A balanced diet is important for a healthy body, and there are many sources of high-quality nuts and seeds. Baby squirrels are capable of chewing on nuts and seeds and can eat raw fruit or unsalted sunflower seeds at around three weeks old. Nuts and seeds for a eight week old baby squirrel to drink should be washed before feeding and dried before being placed in the habitat. It is important to remember that you should only feed your squirrel small amounts of food, and to keep its diet well-balanced. If you leave a food bowl out for long periods, it could lead to obesity or other undesirable behaviors.


The best thing to feed a baby squirrel is mother’s milk, but you should handle it carefully. If you find a sick or dehydrated squirrel, you can also provide water to replenish its body fluids. You should feed the baby squirrel water at least every two hours, and increase the amount as it grows. For feeding, you can use a syringe or a rubber nipple and use a re-hydration solution that contains electrolytes. You can buy re-hydration solution at the pet store or you can prepare your own by mixing salt with sugar and water.

2-4 cc (ml) oral syringe

When preparing an oral syringe for an eight week old baby squirrel to drink, it’s important to choose one that contains two or more cc (ml) of formula. One size is usually sufficient for a squirrel weighing up to 1.6 pounds. A single-use syringe, which is made for human use, is not appropriate for wildlife.

Esbilac is a puppy milk replacer

If your baby squirrel is not weaned yet, you can feed him or her commercial puppy milk replacer to help them gain weight and stay healthy. While commercial puppy milk replacer may be better than kitten milk, many squirrels do not tolerate it. To ease diarrhea and relieve other digestive problems, you can give your baby acidophilus powder or yogurt. But you should not feed your baby squirrel cow’s milk because the formula contains no fat.

Water from puddles

At eight weeks, you should wean your baby squirrel from its formula, but until then, you should introduce water to him. Water bottles are ideal, as they have fewer sputtering issues than shallow dishes. To make the transition to drinking from puddles easier, you can use a puppy milk formula, mixed in four parts lukewarm water, and one part full strength water. Human baby formula, cow’s milk, or goat milk are not appropriate for your baby squirrel. The average amount of formula is between six and eight cubic centimeters, or about one to three fluid ounces.


There are a few methods to get a wet 8-week-old baby squirrel to drink. First, turn on the sprinklers. Make sure that the squirrels are hydrated and warm. You can also play a video of a baby squirrel crying on your phone to attract the mother. If the mother is not nearby, make sure to turn off the ringer or stay out of sight when attempting to move the baby. It may take a while to move the baby, so don’t be afraid to be patient.


When the hoses for a eight week old baby squirrel come in, you have to be very careful not to hurt the little creature. The squirrel needs lots of attention and love to be comfortable. If you can release it without having its siblings around, you’ll have a better chance of getting it out alive. Unlike other animals, the baby squirrel doesn’t “imprint” on you or your family. Just be sure to use quality o-ring syringes. Also, remember to handle the animal gently so that it does not choke or swallow the hose.

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