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A black-and-white squirrel has a different name than the Snowy, Frosty, or White morph. While all four species of black-and-white squirrels have similar appearances, they are different from each other in some ways. So how do we know the difference? Read on to find out! Listed below are some of the main differences between these four species. Learn more about these squirrels and their names.

White morph

The White morph of a black albin-like squirrel is a distinct colour variation of a type of black squirrel. During their breeding season, females are only’receptive’ for a day, but multiple males may impregnate the same female. Since males do not rear young, the genetics of the colour variation in the coat are difficult to piece together.

Snowy morph

The Snowy morph of a black albine squirrel was named after a female who sported a silvery white tipped tail. The fur of this morph is longer than that of the grey morph, suggesting that it is better insulated. Compared to the grey morph, it loses 20 percent less body heat, and its lower basal metabolic rate translates into a 10% reduction in energy expenditure.

Frosty morph

The white and black morphs of the black albino squirrel are not separate species, but rather a colour variation of the wild-type squirrels. Their varying pigmentation is due to genetic mutation. The black morph dominates in the northern half of the country, and was the dominant colour morph before European settlement. However, increasing human pressure to hunt these animals resulted in a grayer population.

Frosted morph

There are two distinct color morphs of black and white squirrels: the black and white – a distinctly different colour compared to the other. Although the black and white morphs are not separate species, they do reflect differences in genetic makeup. Squirrels have exhibited fascinating colour aberrations in the past. One such example was the red squirrel, which was described by the nature writer Jim Crumley in The Nature of Autumn.

Graded morph

The white-tipped gradation of the albino squirrel is caused by a mutation in the gene that produces eumelanin. The white morph also has pink or blue eyes. In contrast, the true albino squirrel is much rarer, and may also suffer from impaired vision or fall victim to an injury. In addition to this, cats have been linked to the population decline of the albino squirrel in Olney, Illinois.

Eastern grey morph

The Eastern grey morph of black albino is a distinct color variation in the squirrel. It is also known as the Brevard white squirrel. It has a distinct head patch, or “widow’s peak,” that is shaped like a horseshoe. The coloration is not the result of natural selection but is a result of gene mutations. Although the squirrel’s fur is white, it has a distinct pattern of black and orange pigmentation.

Black albino morph

The black albino squirrel morph is the most common color variation of the variable species, the gray squirrel. Those who have never seen one will probably wonder what the difference is. This morph is a spontaneous mutation in the melanin gene, a pigment that gives skin and hair color. Normally, this gene is present in the eyes and coat. However, in certain cases, it is absent. Luckily, there are many examples of this color variation.

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