What Does It Mean When My Husband Says He Is Squirrel Hunting?

What Does It Mean When My Husband Says He is Squirrel Hunting?What Does It Mean When My Husband Says He Is Squirrel Hunting?

You may be wondering what it means when my husband says he is going squirrel hunting. First of all, squirrel hunting is easy. Squirrels are incredibly easy to catch, which makes them great game for any man to try. He’ll also tell you about the squirrel trap line. You’ll probably be glad you brought one with you, but the question is what does it mean when my husband says he is going squirrel hunting?

Getting a small game license to hunt squirrels

If you are interested in hunting squirrels, you need to obtain a small game license. Small game hunting is a type of license that covers rabbits, pheasants, and other smaller game, such as squirrels. These licenses are affordable and are available for individuals of all ages, from junior residents to those over the age of 17.

Small game hunting is legal in Michigan. A small game license entitles you to hunt fox, hare, gray squirrel, mourning dove, woodcock, quail, and ring-necked duck. This license applies only to residents of Michigan. You must also have a federal waterfowl stamp if you plan on hunting pheasants with a rifle and rimfire ammunition.

Identifying a “cutting”

While my husband may tell me he is squirrel hunting, I don’t think he really means it. The word “cutting” is used too often in conversation, but it’s actually a misnomer, and I think my husband might be wrong. It’s just a way to describe the sound of a squirrel cutting a nut.

While squirrels aren’t typically found in the fall, my husband still hunts for them on damp days, such as those that are damp. This can help the dogs find squirrels that have hid in the trees. The cut is a trickier method than using a shotgun, and you might accidentally shoot a squirrel that’s hiding in a tree.

Taking a tag-team approach

Unlike many game animals, squirrels are not as popular as turkey, deer, or elk, but they do have their fans. While serious sportsmen don’t plaster their home walls with European squirrel mounts or brag about bagging a rodent during the rut, bushytail squirrels are an underrated game species in Michigan. And they have many positives, too.

For starters, it’s much easier to see a squirrel when you have a hunting partner. Squirrels have a knack for hiding in trees, so your hunting abilities are largely at a disadvantage when you’re attempting to match their senses with yours. But, you’re not alone. Taking a tag-team approach to squirrel hunting can even the playing field. Although there are some differences between solo and tag-team hunting, both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

Getting a squirrel trap line

My husband tells me he is going to go squirrel hunting and I’m so excited! Thankfully, squirrels are easy to catch. He has an air rifle and a squirrel trap line on 10 acres of forest near our home. Tim claims to catch thirty or more squirrels per season, with a high year of 76. He usually gets his squirrels from friends who also run furbearer trap lines.

There are several advantages to getting a live trap. It’s humane, and squirrels usually walk right over the peanut butter bait. Plus, live traps allow the bait to extend beyond the trigger plate, causing the squirrel to walk further into the trap. Make sure to place the trap in an open area where the squirrel will not have access to low-lying bushes.

Getting a dog to help you catch a squirrel

Many people love to hunt squirrels, but getting a dog to help you catch one is not always easy. Many dogs are not naturally attracted to the task, but some do. They are quick and agile, but sometimes they don’t catch any squirrels. It’s important to remember that dogs are still learning and you need to challenge them on a primal level.

There are several ways to get a dog to help you catch a woodchuck. One popular technique involves following a dog through the woods. The dog will search for the squirrels, often chasing them up a tree. Different dogs will work differently, but they will sniff the squirrel scent. They will also check the area as they go. Depending on the dog’s temperament, they may also follow the tracks and jump to the tree.

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