What Episode Does Monica Steal The Squirrel Fund

what episode does monica steal the squirrel fund

What episode does Monica steal the squirrel fund? In the second season of shameless, Monica briefly returns to the Gallagher household in “Hurricane Monica” and temporarily lapses into a bipolar episode.

The episode revolves around her finding the squirrel fund, money each working member of the family contributes to. She then takes this money and spends it on drugs and a car. However, her actions are only temporary, and the episode returns again.

Season 2

The second episode of the season is titled “Monica Steals the Squirrel Fund,” and this time it is a big deal. After Monica steals a squirrel fund that is supposed to help the school, Frank plots a scam to get the money. Fiona, who had recently fired Lip, is forced to reconsider her decision.

Meanwhile, Grammy’s death has affected everyone differently, with Frank determined to get every last penny she left behind. Then, Jody and Sheila think that their mother’s ghost is haunting the house and causing them to be suspicious of each other.

The kids’ “squirrel fund” is another way Monica gets money from the family. She uses the money to buy drugs and a new car, which she takes with her. However, the kids are horrified when they learn that Monica has been stealing the money.

In an earlier episode, Monica had even used the money to pay the bills of her sister, and he ended up getting in trouble with the police.

Episode 3

In episode three of the dramedy series How Monica steals the squirrel fund, Fiona is horrified when she finds out that Monica has stolen the money from her children’s squirrel fund.

This is because the money could have been used to kill Carl or send him into the army. Then, when Fiona confronts Monica, she accuses her of stealing the money and plotting to get Carl killed or put in the army.

The narrator, Frank, and Fiona’s daughter Monica, have a shady history. She has to protect the squirrel fund from Monica’s ill-fated decisions. But what can they do? It turns out that the Squirrel Fund is a type of savings account that was intended to be saved for the cold winter months when energy bills are high.

Instead, Monica and Frank blew the squirrel fund on drugs and American Girl dolls. The money could have earned 5% interest.

Peggy tries to hasten her own death

When she learns that Monica has stolen the squirrel fund, Peggy decides to hasten her own demise. She hid the money in a wall, and Monica steals it for her bail. Peggy tries to hasten her own demise, and Frank catches up with her after Monica kills her mother. Frank and Monica’s relationship is tested by Peggy’s remorse, and they start arguing about how to handle the situation.

The plot thickens when Peggy’s mother returns to town on a medical furlough. She forces Frank to extort money from an old acquaintance. Meanwhile, Sheila and Jody try to reunite Estefania and Marco. Meanwhile, Lip and Karen have an impromptu double date, which leads to a sexual encounter.

Afterwards, Lip learns that Mandy’s father is her brother. The wedding goes ahead with Ethel and Malik, and a drunken Sheila and a drug addict are left to take care of Peggy’s body.

Debbie’s drug-and-alcohol bender

The family has been in the news lately for Debbie Allen’s bizarre drug-and-alcohol bender, and it’s no surprise that people want to know the truth. The real story of Debbie’s binge is much more tragic. Debbie’s daughter, Shelby, died of alcohol poisoning three weeks before she was scheduled to make her first alcohol-poisoning presentation.

Monica’s inheritance

In the season 2 episode “Hurricane Monica,” Monica Gallagher temporarily returns to the Gallagher household. After a brief bipolar episode, she finds the family’s squirrel fund, which each child contributes to.


She shares the money with Frank and uses it to buy drugs and a car. But, is this really how Monica feels? What exactly is her motivation to steal the squirrel fund?

During the second season, Fiona believes that Monica’s mental health is getting better, so she leaves the squirrel fund out in the open. This causes a lot of havoc among the siblings, and her actions cause a major breakdown for her. When Lip accuses her of letting things get out of her control, Fiona picks up the slack.

This episode also marks the end of Fiona’s personal high. She had recently graduated high school, and was pursuing new career opportunities.

Fiona’s theft of the squirrel fund

The Squirrel Fund is a savings account for the winter. The money is meant to be put aside to cover heating costs during the cold months. Instead of spending it on American Girl dolls or drugs, the money could have been put into an interest bearing savings account, allowing it to earn 5% interest. However, Monica and Frank decided to spend the money on American Girl dolls and drugs.

Frank Gallagher has long neglected his family, and they have always had a dysfunctional dynamic. When Monica and Frank returned to the family, it gave the Gallagher’s children some hope that they could one day be a normal family.

The episode also shows the onset of the family’s financial troubles as the children find out that the “Squirrel Fund” was used to pay their bills.

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