what gear to use for squirrel hunting

What Gear to Use For Squirrel Hunting what gear to use for squirrel hunting

Regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned hunter, you will need some gear for your squirrel hunting expedition. Here are some tips that can help you make the most of your hunting experience: Binoculars, Broadhead, and an Air rifle. You should also take a pair of binoculars, which can help you identify suspicious-looking bumps on limbs and identify squirrel calls. Binoculars can also give you a close look at treetops and distant forest floors.


If you plan to go squirrel hunting, it is imperative that you purchase good binoculars. While a rifle scope works well for hunting big game, it is not always practical to use when scanning an area for squirrels. Binoculars are better for spotting a small “bump” that might be a squirrel. They are lightweight, have an excellent field of view, and offer good image quality.

Cabela’s Intensity HD binoculars are a great choice for hunting squirrels. These compact binoculars have a nearly straight tube, foldable under the bridge, and are fog-proof and water-and-nitrate-purged. Their fully multi-coated lenses and phase-coated prisms help you see small animals in the distance. Besides their compact size, they are also equipped with other useful features, such as a lens cloth, diaphragm calls, extra rounds of ammo, and more.

Air rifle

There are many great reasons to own an Air rifle for squirrel hunting. These weapons are very affordable and are perfect for the average person to use for pest control. Not only are they great for target practice and plinking, but they can also kill squirrels. The RWS spring-pistol rifle is a good example of an air rifle that’s both affordable and built for the field. Its spring pistol design provides consistent accuracy and a four-x-32 airgun scope.

For squirrel hunting, the best rifle for the job is one that can hit the 1″ mark accurately. The accuracy of your rifle will determine the type of shots you can make, so you will want one with a high buckshot rating. The accuracy of your rifle will help you hunt small game and make the kill shot in the right location. Most squirrel hunting will occur in cooler weather, and CO2 rifles are ineffective in such conditions. Therefore, other alternatives, such as compressed air, Nitrogen, or cocking mechanisms, are better.


There are several different types of shotguns available for squirrel hunting. The simplest one is a ‘Coach Gun’ designed to be easy to operate and break open. Beginners and experts can both use this model. There are a few different types of shotguns, and each has its advantages. Below, we have listed the best ones to consider for squirrel hunting. The shotguns below are great for most squirrel hunting situations.

The most common size of lead shot used for squirrel hunting is #6. While it’s a good idea to use non-toxic shot, most rifle hunters complain that the squirrel meat is ruined by the shotgun’s concussion. The resulting concussion from the shotgun’s load can knock the squirrel out of the tree, but only a few pellets will hit the vital areas. Therefore, it’s important to choose a larger size for your shotgun to increase the likelihood of a successful kill.


When it comes to hunting squirrels, a small game broadhead can make all the difference. While standard field points would likely pass right through a squirrel, specialty broadheads catch and rip the flesh off the animal. Because a squirrel is often on the move, you might need to adjust your shooting location or your retrieval techniques if you are using a standard broadhead. Here are some suggestions for broadheads for hunting squirrels.

A field tip is another option. A field tip is a more inexpensive alternative that will allow the squirrel to hang halfway up the arrow shaft. You can also use a blunt if you’re using an arrow with a broadhead. Those aren’t suitable for treetops, but they will do fine on the ground. But remember that expensive broadheads aren’t the best choice for squirrel hunting.

First aid kit

A serious first aid kit for squirrel hunting should include more than just bandages. Some hunters have medical prescriptions, but even a simple first aid kit can be helpful in an emergency. You can also bring over the counter medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. If you know you’ll be in an area with poisonous squirrels, you should also bring a pocketknife, as well as an extra supply of these medications.

A good first aid kit should contain a small first aid knife, as hunters often encounter ticks and thorns while processing their game. A quick clot pad or WouldSeal topical powder may be enough to stop a heavy bleeding emergency, and you can even make a field splint with a stick or some tape. A splint is also useful if you have to straighten a limb. While splints may not be suitable for a backcountry kit, they can be carried in a vehicle and may be adapted for future uses.

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