What Gun Do You Use For Squirrel Hunting

What Gun Do You Use For Squirrel Hunting?What Gun Do You Use For Squirrel Hunting

What gun do you use for squirrel hunting? There are several options, from a.22 WMR to a.17 HMR. Here are some tips on which one to choose. In addition to the gun and ammo, it is important to consider the purpose of the hunt. For example, if you want to hunt for survival, you’ll want a gun with the best knockdown capabilities and broad coverage. In contrast, if you want to hunt for sport, you may want a more challenging gun that will give you a challenge and a better shot.

.22 WMR

If you want to use a.22 WMR gun for squirrel hunting, it will be necessary to select target loads. Target loads will knock a squirrel out quicker than hunting loads. In addition, slow-moving 40-grainers will bark squirrels. Using a branch as a target, shoot the bark beneath the squirrel’s head. This will create a concussive wave and knock the squirrel off the branch, where it will often die.

The two-inch kill zone of a squirrel’s head at 75 yards is a critical point for squirrel hunters. However, most.17 HMR bullets have polymer tips, which flattens the trajectory. The resulting miss-shot is the Savage user’s most infamous squirrel hunting success. However, his scavenged head was able to be recovered from his rifle’s scope.

.17 HMR

Using a rimfire rifle in squirrel hunting can prove to be an effective way to take down the little critters. The rimfire bullets travel much faster than shotshells and can inflict real damage. Brantley’s CCI.22 WMR blew the squirrel’s shoulders and hindquarters out, but you can get similar results with a rimfire rifle. Lastly, if you want to be successful in your squirrel hunting endeavors, you must be able to connect on a headshot.

While a.17 HMR gun is ideal for hunting ground squirrels, you should also consider the fact that a rimfire rifle will not require a specialized high-powered scope. For example, a rimfire Anschutz 1717 D KL rifle can use a Leupold VX-II 3-9x33mm AO rimfire EFR scope. For more information, visit Foundry Outdoors.

.22 revolver

When it comes to hunting squirrels, a rimfire caliber gun is best. Rimfire magnum bullets waste energy on the landscape behind the squirrel. A shotgun is also very efficient, but it’s not much fun to shoot a squirrel with a shotgun. Shot pellets will be left in the meat, and sucking them out is not fun at all. A rimfire revolver is a much better option.

A well-made handgun is a good choice for squirrel hunting. Choose a revolver that has a barrel that’s six inches long, as this will increase the accuracy. However, not all.22 revolvers are accurate, especially if you plan on using a scope. If accuracy is your top priority, try a revolver with a 6.5-inch barrel. It will probably be more accurate than a kit gun with a smaller barrel.

Ruger Super Single Six

When you’re squirrel hunting, the Ruger Super Single Six is a versatile option. Its barrel is 5.5 inches, and it has a thick, one-piece cast carbon steel receiver. Its adjustable rear notch is on the receiver’s top strap. It also has a front serrated post sight arrangement. This gun is ideal for squirrel hunting, thanks to its excellent accuracy. This gun also features a transfer bar safety, so you don’t have to worry about the firing pin striking the primer. The gun is also available in a Hunter version, with adjustable sights and a 6.8-inch tube. It’s a sturdy gun with nice-looking wood grips and an optics base.

Its barrel length is also adjustable, and its size is ideal for a squirrel hunter’s hands. The Single Six comes in nine and ten-shot arrangements, and you can choose from stainless steel, carbon steel, and several other barrel lengths. Its calibers vary from. The single-action Single Six is considered the best all-round handgun on the market today. If you’re going to be shooting a lot of squirrels, you should get a ten-shot gun.

Ruger 552 Speedmaster

If you’re considering getting a new rifle for squirrel hunting, you might be tempted to pick up a Ruger 552 Speedmaster. This rifle has a classic walnut stock and a brass deflector. It’s a tube-fed autoloader and still available for purchase. It’s capable of handling both Long Rifle and Short.22 cartridges, which makes it one of the few autoloaders that can shoot alternate rounds.

One reason to purchase a new rifle is for its portability. You can use the Ruger 552 Speedmaster for squirrel hunting because it comes with a long, sleek barrel and a 6.8-inch tube. The receiver is engraved with golden critters, while the barrel is drilled for optics. In addition to being elegant, this rifle also has adjustable sights. You can also mount a scope on the barrel.

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