What Happened At Squirrel Hill

What Happened at Tree of Life Synagogue? what-happened-at-squirrel-hill

What happened at the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh? This is the question that looms over the minds of many Americans. The apolitical stance of the neighborhood was an important aspect of the shooting, but Oppenheimer spends less time on the anti-Semitic killer and more on the community’s response. If you want to understand what happened at Tree of Life Synagogue, this book is for you.

Mark Oppenheimer

“Mark Oppenheimer and Squirrel Hill” is a timely and compelling novel about the massacre and the communities that formed after it. Oppenheimer’s storytelling is a mosaic of voices, interspersed with details of hard-fought dialogues and messy confrontations. The evocative stories capture the vibrancy of Squirrel Hill, whose resilience is a source of inspiration for any place that suffers from discrimination and violence.

Set in Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill was home to Jews in the 19th century, and Oppenheimer’s great-great-grandfather founded the Jewish burial society. Although Oppenheimer now lives in New Haven, Conn., he has fond memories of the Pittsburgh community. He credits the neighborhood’s long history of tolerance and inclusion for its resilience and tolerance. This ethos was apparent even in the times of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting.

Pittsburgh’s Jewish community

The attack at Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is still fresh in the minds of many Jews. The community was diverse and had members from all over the world, including immigrants from Germany, Russia, and Asia. Although the Jewish community was dense and diverse, the attack has made it seem more bleak than ever. In this article, I’ll discuss the effects of the attack on the Pittsburgh Jewish community.

Since the shooting at Tree of Life synagogue, Pittsburgh’s Jewish community remains vigilant and cautious. Three years after the incident, residents have interviewed more than 250 members of Pittsburgh’s Jewish community to learn their thoughts. The shooting left 11 people dead and six others wounded, including four police officers. The Anti-Defamation League has called the attack on Pittsburgh’s Jewish community the deadliest anti-Semitic attack on the American Jewish community in the country. In his book, “The Pittsburgh Jewish Community: A Look at What Happened at Squirrel Hill,” Oppenheimer describes the events surrounding the shooting.

The Tree of Life Synagogue shooting

The tragic Tree of Life Synagogue shooting occurred on October 27, 2018, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in American history, killing eleven Jews. The book “Squirrel Hill” by Yale lecturer David Oppenheimer tells the story of the community’s grief and healing process. It also reveals the community’s creative support for one another.

After the initial shooter entered the synagogue, local police and medic units responded. After EMS requested a Rapid Activation Team (RAT) response, one district chief, five advanced life support units, two basic life support ambulances, a rescue truck, a field physician, and a level one county MCI response of five ambulances and a supervisor were sent to the scene. Despite the overwhelming number of victims, local police and EMS were still able to prevent more victims from deteriorating.

The neighborhood’s housing stock

The Squirrel Hill housing stock remains one of the best things about the neighborhood, combining urban amenities with tree-lined streets. In the early twenty-first century, the neighborhood began to expand its housing stock, including Summerset at Frick Park, a $250 million public-private project. The housing stock there currently stands at 36 households. Until recently, the area’s housing stock was low and in many cases, inequitable.

Before being incorporated, the neighborhood was home to several indigenous cultures. In the 11th and 12th centuries, the Monongahela and Osage lived there. The Iroquois eventually conquered the area because of the fur trade. However, the area’s housing stock has remained relatively low for the past few decades, as Squirrel Hill continues to experience gentrification.

On what day did the shooting take place?

October 27th

Who was the shooter?

Robert Bowers

How many people were killed?


Where did the shooting take place?

Squirrel Hill a neighborhood in Pittsburgh

How old was the shooter?


Was the shooter arrested?

Yes he was arrested at the scene

What type of weapon was used in the shooting?

An AR-15 style rifle and three handguns

Who were the victims?

Victims ranged in age from 54 to 97.

All were members of the Tree of Life Synagogue

What was the motivation for the shooting?

The shooter was motivated by anti-Semitism and hatred of immigrants

What did President Trump say in response to the shooting?

President Trump called the shooting “a wicked act of mass murder” and called for more armed security at places of worship

How did the Jewish community in Pittsburgh respond to the shooting?

The Jewish community in Pittsburgh held a vigil for the victims the night of the shooting.

The following day they held a memorial service

What did the victims’ families say in court?

Families of the victims spoke of their loss and called for justice

How was the shooter sentenced?

The shooter was sentenced to death

Will the death penalty be carried out?

It is unclear if the death penalty will be carried out as Pennsylvania has not executed anyone since 1999

What is the Squirrel Hill shooting considered?

The Squirrel Hill shooting is considered the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the United States

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