What Happens If Chris Shoots The Squirrel

What Happens If Chris Shoots the Squirrel in Episode 5what happens if chris shoots the squirrel

What happens if Chris shoots the squirrel? Well, in this episode, Chris has a choice between shooting the squirrel and the bottle. The latter choice has no effect on Sam. However, it makes Sam annoyed and leads to the attack of the crow, which leaves a bloody cut above Sam’s right eye. As a result, Chris will not be able to escape the psycho in episode 5.

What Happens If Chris Shoots The Squirrel

If Chris shoots the squirrel, Sam will congratulate him and tell him the cable car is on the way. After this, Sam will ask if Chris knows how to shoot. Chris will respond by shooting the squirrel in the head. Sam will get annoyed and a crow will attack him. It will peck him in the right eye. If Chris does shoot the squirrel, Sam will immediately get attacked by a crow, resulting in two scratches on her forehead, which affects the events in Chapter 5.

He will be able to see Emily hugging Mike

The episode will reveal that Emily broke up with Mike and started dating Matt. Emily will admit that she is caring about Matt, even though she is not the most liked person on the show. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Chris and Sam that she is in a relationship with Mike. After they discuss this, they proceed to walk down the path where Mike was last seen. Meanwhile, Ashley notices that Matt and Emily are becoming friendly. Emily’s hugging of Mike will be interpreted as something more to Matt than what it really is.

Before the events of Until Dawn, Emily and Mike were romantically involved. She was always protective of Mike. Later, the two broke up, but Emily continues to have feelings for Mike. She lashes out at his new girlfriend when she sees them. But after the scene, Emily and Mike become friends. In the end, Emily’s relationship with Mike drops to zero. As a result, she ends up being kissed by the woman who has been in a relationship with Mike.

How many nuts does a squirrel bury each year?

he will be captured by the psycho

While in the control room, Chris notices a wanted poster hanging on the wall. He looks at it and finds a picture of a tub in a Washington Lodge bathroom. In addition, he sees a picture of a cable car cabin from the front. As Chris is leaving the room, a cutscene will appear. Chris will be captured by the psycho if he shoots the squirrel.

During the game, the eight friends are split into four separate groups of two. The groups shuffle as the plot unfolds, and the group will consist of only four friends at the end of the game. Mike and Sam run off to search for Josh, while Chris and Emily remain behind. Jess and Chris share one last scene before the credits. In the movie, Chris will likely be captured by the psycho if he shoots the squirrel.

he will give ashley a black eye for the rest of the game

In the game, Chris and Ashley fall in love and become engaged. But Chris is reluctant to tell Ashley his true feelings because he’s afraid she might shoot him. To make things worse, Ashley also has feelings for Chris. So if Chris accidentally shoots the squirrel, Ashley will be black-eyed for the rest of the game.

Besides the mask-wearing psychopath, the real villains are the Wendigo spirits. Ashley can kill Chris by antagonizing him or by shooting him and giving him a black eye. Eventually, Chris will die if he fails to shoot the squirrel and will end up giving Ashley a black eye for the rest of the game.

The game is not very realistic, but it is still very funny, especially when you realize that Josh’s prank could have gone awry if Chris didn’t get his friends’ help. In addition to being cruel and thoughtless, it wasn’t even remotely dangerous. The prank has the potential to cause regret for all involved.

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