What Is A Cheap And Easily Available Outside Squirrel Food?

Cheap and Easy Outside Squirrel Food

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of Pumpkin seeds, Nyjer seeds, and Creepy crawlies, as well as what’s cheap and easy to get for squirrels. While these foods can be a great option for attracting and retaining squirrels, they’re also best avoided if you’d like to avoid disturbing the wildlife. Safflower, pumpkin, and Nyjer seeds are a great start.

Nyjer seeds

The small black seed called nyjer is an excellent source of energy for small and large birds alike. This seed comes from the African yellow daisy and provides a healthy mix of fat and protein. In winter, nyjer seed is a good choice because it can keep birds well-fed and happy. Despite its small size, it’s high calorie content makes it a great choice for outside squirrels. It’s also a favorite of many larger birds, and bully squirrels typically leave it alone. However, nyjer seed is best served in feeders designed for small birds.

Pumpkin seeds

If you have an abundance of pumpkin seeds lying around, you should consider buying some of these and placing them in your bird feeders. If you have no idea where to find these, just keep your eye on the local wildlife rescue center. Often, you can catch adult squirrels bringing them back to their nest. Squirrels do not like sunflower seeds, but you can try offering them pumpkin seeds. They love this type of seed and may be willing to eat it if you put it out in a bird feeder.

Creepy crawlies

Squirrels will eat a variety of seeds, including pumpkin seeds. Avoid cashews, sunflower seeds, and roasted or salted peanuts. Squirrels love the smell of grasshoppers, insect larvae, and other creepy crawlies. Avoid leaving out fruit or vegetables for too long. Check your pantry for airtight containers. Keep pet food, such as dry cat food, out of reach of squirrels.


Safflower is a small, white seed that is high in protein and fat. It is a favorite among sunflower-eating birds, but not squirrels. In fact, house sparrows and finches do not even notice the small seed shells! Safflower is also a good alternative to other bird seed, as it provides the same nutrients to both birds and squirrels.

Safflower is not readily eaten by squirrels

While some bird enthusiasts maintain that safflower seeds are not readily eaten by squirrels, others say they are not. Despite the fact that squirrels do not prefer safflower seed, safflower does not mix well with other seeds, including black oil sunflower seeds, white millet, and nyjer. In addition, safflower is high in fat and contains fewer calories and fiber than other seed types. Safflower seed has an attractive white shell that attracts cardinals and hummingbirds. It can be purchased in bulk at many feed and seed stores.

Safflower is not readily eaten by blackbirds

If you want to attract more birds to your feeders, consider offering safflower. This white, conical seed is a favorite of many birds, but squirrels don’t like it. You can add safflower to any type of sunflower seed feeder. Safflower is also a good choice for window feeders. It contains small amounts of sugar, protein, and fiber. This seed is often mixed with other seeds to attract a variety of birds.

Safflower is not readily eaten by northern cardinals

If you’d like to attract a flock of beautiful cardinals to your yard, try feeding them safflower. The thin-shelled, conical seed is an excellent choice, and a cardinal’s favorite. Safflower grows from one to five feet tall and produces an abundance of seeds each year. Safflower can be offered in tube feeders, bird houses, or in the shell, and cardinals will happily eat the seed. Safflower can be purchased in bulk at a local feed or seed store.

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