What Is A Squirrel Nest Made Of?

What Is a Squirrel Nest Made Of?

Squirrels are a common nuisance in many neighborhoods, so what is a squirrel nest made of? Luckily, you can solve this problem yourself! There are several common types of nests: Leaf nests, Dens, Tree cavities, and Bark strips. Read on to discover more! If you find a squirrel’s nest in your yard, you can get it out of there! Just make sure you know where to look!

Leaf nests

Squirrels build their nests from leaf litter, twigs, and other natural materials. The materials form a rigid structure and can stand up to varying weather conditions, making leaf nests a popular choice for squirrels. Squirrels return to the same nest over, using it for several years. Nests can be identified by their leaves bunched together in the higher branches or twigs that have been woven together near the trunk of the tree.


Squirrels make their dens in a tree cavity. They construct a base of twigs and moss and add leaves and twigs for insulation. The finished nest resembles a globe. Squirrels make their own dens as they find the best locations in trees. These natural habitats give squirrels more protection from weather and provide them with a comfortable place to raise their young.

Tree cavities

A typical gray squirrel nest is approximately 8 inches across and 2 feet in diameter. The material used to line the nest is shredded bark, damp leaves, and grass. These materials are then wrapped around an insulated core. These nests are secured in older trees. Squirrels use these tree cavities to build their homes and raise their young. During the day, females will sleep and feed in the nest.

Bark strips

Squirrels build their nests in tree cavities, using bark strips to make the base of the abode. They fill the nest with grass, moss, and leaves, which are used to line the nest. In extreme cold and other climates, two squirrels may share a nest. The inside of the nest is lined with leaves and tightly woven strips of tree bark. They use soft materials like bark strips to fill in gaps and make the nest even more sturdy.


Squirrel nests are made of clumped-together materials, and are known as dreys. They look like small round bulbs of leaves bunched together. They are built in cavities, or on branches, up to twenty feet high. Squirrels use dreys as a way to build a nest in which to survive the winter and to survey their territory. Nests are typically located close to food sources.


Squirrels build their dreys from natural debris. They use loose twigs, moss, and damp leaves to line the nest’s base. They build these nests in layers to give them stability and strength, and the finished product looks like a globe. Squirrels can use tree cavities to build their nests, too. Because these structures offer better protection from the weather, they often use them to raise their young.


Most of the time, a squirrel nest is built out of a variety of interwoven materials. Those materials may include bark, twigs, fur, feathers, leaves, and grass. The finished nest resembles a globe. While it is possible to construct a nest made of similar materials, it is much easier to observe a squirrel’s nest if you have a picture.

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