What Is Diffetence Between Rock Squirrel And Chipmonk

The Difference Between Rock Squirrel and Chip Monkwhat is diffetence between rock squirrel and chipmonk

If you’ve ever been confused by the difference between the two chipmunks and rock squirrels, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide information about each of these rodents and help you distinguish between the two. In addition to rock squirrels, the two other species that share the same habitat are the Harris’ antelope squirrel and the Least chipmunk.

Rock squirrel

Rock squirrels are members of the Sciuridae family. They have speckled grayish brown fur, pointed ears, and a long bushy tail with white edges. They are native to Mexico and the southwestern United States, and live primarily in rocky canyons and talus slopes. However, they can be found in urban areas. Although the gray squirrel is more widely distributed, it is the smaller of the two species.

Eastern chipmunk

The Eastern Chipmunk is a small, striped rodent that lives in mature hardwood forests throughout the east and midwest United States. Its name originates from its chipping call, which varies from deep, raspy, to high-pitched. These creatures feed on leaf litter and nuts of American Beech trees. They may be mistaken for rock squirrels, but the two species are very different.

Harris’ antelope squirrel

Although the two squirrels look similar, they are very different. Harris’ antelope squirrels have a contrasting white underside to their grey fur and brown limbs. Their black tails are bushy and tend to hang over their backs. The Harris’ antelope squirrel is commonly found in desert habitats and is often mistaken for a chipmunk. While both squirrels can be found in the same area, you should be aware of the differences between these two species.

Least chipmunk

The least chipmunk is one of the most common rodents in North America. Its range includes the western United States, from Quebec to the Yukon, and parts of Wisconsin and Michigan. Its habitat is primarily open forest and is often found near rock cliffs or jack pine stands. It has no distinctive calling card, so it is often difficult to distinguish between the two species.

Facial markings

The most notable difference between the rock squirrel and the chipmonk is the baculum, which looks like a micro-miniature back-scratcher to humans. But it’s also an important distinction to female chipmunks, as their male counterparts lack this baculum. In humans, kangaroos, and hyenas, this feature is absent, so lady chipmunks are able to make the distinction with ease.

Hibernation habits

A golden-mantled ground squirrel is mostly nocturnal but can be found hibernating in areas of frozen ground and snow. This species hibernates between the months of late August and November. They spend the winter in a burrow or nest under a tree. Both males and females hibernate in similar areas. Females mate with the male on whose territory they are located. The males emerge from hibernation in March, and females follow soon thereafter.


Though they are cousins, chipmunks and ground squirrels are very different. While chipmunks live in forests and are smaller than ground squirrels, both are rodents that eat fruits, nuts, and seeds. Both ground and rock squirrels eat seeds, acorns, acorn nuts, and fruits. These rodents are both native to North America and Asia.

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