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What is the ZIP Code for Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania? what-is-squirrel-hill-pa-zip-code

To answer the question, “What is the ZIP code for Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania?” you should first understand what this ZIP code is. There are three main types: suburban and urban. For example, suburban zip codes tend to have more population, while urban ones tend to have fewer residents. The ZIP code for Squirrel Hill is 15217. It is also a multi-ethnic neighborhood, with a majority of residents belonging to one ancestry group. It is home to various non-profit organizations, including a school and a church.

15217 ZIP code

Squirrel Hill is a city located in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. The ZIP code is 15217. This city is in the Eastern time zone and lies at 40 degrees latitude and -80 degrees longitude. The elevation is around 1,039 feet. You can find the ZIP code for Squirrel Hill by using the links below. To learn more about this ZIP code, read on!

The Wealth Index measures the average wealth of residents based on a number of indicators including median household income, median net worth, and value of material possessions. The index represents wealth relative to the national average, with values over 100 representing affluence above the national average. The table below shows how the 15217 ZIP code ranks among other 1,674 ZIP Codes in Pennsylvania. The location that has the highest value is Ranked # 1. The ZIP code in the 75th percentile is ranked #1.

Number of people living in 15217

The ZIP code 15217 has a population of about 27,220 people. The majority of the residents are White. About 45% of the children in the zip code are Jewish. The ZIP code is in the 18th congressional district. Some portions of the ZIP code overlap with the following congressional districts. Listed below are some demographics about the ZIP code 15217. These statistics will give you a good idea of the demographic makeup of the neighborhood.

The ZIP code 15217 is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The city is in western Pennsylvania. It lies at the confluence of the Allegheny, Ohio, and Monongahela rivers. The population is mostly white, but a smaller percentage of residents are black. The zip code is home to some historic sites. There is an airport in Pittsburgh. There are many other attractions in the area.

Majority of residents have at least one ancestry group

The history of Squirrel Hill is complicated. It is a predominantly German neighborhood, though there are significant communities of other European and Native American descent. Some of the city’s early residents, like Germans and Jews, migrated to the US to escape religious persecution, which resulted in the area’s current ethnic makeup. Other groups have settled in Squirrel Hill, including the Italians and Irish.

A history of Squirrel Hill can be found in the late 19th century, when the neighborhood was still farmland. In the early 20th century, Eastern European Jews moved to Squirrel Hill from the Hill District and Oakland. The Jewish population of the neighborhood was relatively small at the time, and many people remained poor in their new home. As time went on, the neighborhood became the center of Jewish culture in Pittsburgh.

Number of non-profit organizations in 15217

The Pittsburgh area is home to several nonprofit organizations, a number that has increased over the years. According to the Pittsburgh nonprofit study, the region is home to one of the largest concentrations of nonprofit organizations and a large percentage of their financial resources. Among the nonprofit organizations in the Pittsburgh area, three quarters are health care organizations, while seventy percent are arts and cultural groups. These organizations help the community by contributing a considerable sum of money, spending more than $1 billion in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area last year.

The size and mission of nonprofits varies widely. Some operate locally, while others are global. Depending on the organization’s mission, they may have large or small budgets and employ a small staff. Several national organizations offer free on-line data bases on nonprofit organizations. Some of these databases even provide qualitative evaluations. But they are not complete. If you’re looking for a nonprofit organization in your community, check out PittsburghGives for detailed information. PittsburghGives allows you to search for nonprofits by name and category, and its profiles tell you a lot about the organization’s financials, management, and more.

What is the zip code for Squirrel Hill PA?

The zip code for Squirrel Hill PA is 15217.

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