What Is The Best 17 Wsm For Squirrel And Rabbit Hunting?

What is the Best 17 WSSM For Rabbit and Rabbit Hunting?

When comparing calibers for small varmints, the Winchester Super Magnum is the winner. Its versatility means it will be useful for Rock Chuck, Prairie Dog, and Ground Squirrel hunters, among others. Most people who purchase this combination use it for this purpose. However, if you’re looking for a larger caliber, you can also try the Savage B-Mag.

Winchester Super Magnum

One of the best rifle calibers for rabbit and squirrel hunting is the Winchester Super Magnum 17. This rimfire cartridge is capable of achieving a velocity of 3000 fps, making it a good choice for this type of target. However, this round is not recommended for body shots on small game. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using this cartridge for rabbit and squirrel hunting.

This rifle’s 17 HMR cartridge was designed to be a close cousin to the 22LR rifle. It features a long effective range, less wind deflection, and more on-target energy. It has a reputation for superior accuracy, dependability, and explosive performance on impact. The 17 HMR has more energy than any other cartridge in the market. Since the 17 HMR breaks the sound barrier, it is a superior choice for both squirrel and rabbit hunting.

Hornady V-Max

The Hornady V-Max 17 WSSM is a new subsonic cartridge developed by CCI. This cartridge has a weight and velocity of 17 grains and will take a squirrel, rabbit, woodchuck, or any other small game up to 150 yards. The 17-grain load will drop about 2.7 inches when it hits its target. Consequently, it is not an easy cartridge for a small game, but it does deliver an effective and efficient shot.

The.17 WSM cartridge has proven to be effective in a variety of squirrel and rabbit hunting applications. The.17 WSM is one of the most widely available cartridges in the rimfire category, and Winchester makes three.17 WSM loads: a 20-grain V-Max bullet, a 25-grain Varmint Express bullet, and a 15-grain PSP cartridge. Both Federal and Hornady offer rimfire-specific polymer-tipped bullets in this cartridge. The 20-grain polymer-tipped bullet from Federal has shown promising results on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

Savage B-Mag

The 17HMR is an outstanding choice squirrel and rabbit hunting because of its high speed and accuracy. This cartridge can take down groundhogs, rabbits, and raccoons from 175 yards. It is not, however, effective for hunting deer. While it will injure deer, it is usually too small for coyote or wolf hunting. Rather, hunters prefer this caliber for extending the range of their hunting arsenal.

One of the benefits of a 17 HMR rifle is its ease of use. Even the most inexperienced hunter can use it for recreational shooting. Its 22-inch barrel and simple design make it perfect for new hunters. The magazine is removable, making it easy for the hunter to load the ammunition. Moreover, it can be used for target shooting. The.22 LR bullet has a SD of 2.5 grains. The same bullet is also twice as hard hitting, which makes it great for squirrel and rabbit hunting.

.22 LR

Typically, the quickest flat shooting technique will result in a quicker kill. Headshots can minimize damage to the meat, but it isn’t always possible to do this when pursuing squirrels in trees. For this reason, the best.22 LR for squirrel and rabbit hunting is the.22 LR. Nevertheless, this is not a recommendation to throw out your current firearm.

Another popular small-bore rifle is the.22 LR. Its 17-grain load drops about 2.7 inches at 150 yards, which is a good choice for squirrel and rabbit hunting. This small-bore rifle is also effective against bare-tree squirrels and rabbits. It can also be used for deer hunting. However, since deer are more abundant in bare trees, the rimfire rifle is the best choice.

.17 hmr

For smaller game animals, the rimfire bullets can be effective and can cause real damage. Brantley blew out a squirrel’s hindquarters with a CCI.22 WMR and also took a squirrel down at the shoulders with a CCI.17 HMR. While both bullets caused similar damage, rimfire hunters must focus on headshots to have any chance of success.

When hunting small game with a varmint rifle, the.17 HMR cartridge is a popular choice. It will kill prairie dogs, squirrels, foxes, coyotes, and rabbits. It will not kill whitetail deer, but will wound the animal. All 50 states have minimum cartridge requirements for big game hunting. The 17 HMR cartridge is the least expensive of these, and will be effective in most conditions.

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