What Is The Best Bait To Use To Trap A Squirrel

What is the Best Bait to Use to Trap a Squirrel? What Is The Best Bait To Use To Trap A Squirrel

If you are wondering what to use as bait to capture a squirrel, this article can help. We’ve provided peanut butter, Kaytee, Fruit, and Unshelled nuts. The trick is to be consistent! Try different types of bait until you find the one that works for your situation. A squirrel will be more likely to eat one particular type of bait than a different type.


Using peanut butter or nut butter as squirrel bait is an effective and easy way to catch and kill the creatures that regularly raid gardens and yards. It should be unsalted and not flavored. Put the peanut butter in nutshells or the trap’s trigger apparatus. This bait will be activated by a pressure plate. Once the trap is set, the squirrel will be trapped.

Next to peanut butter, almond oil, or other natural foods that have a strong scent attract the squirrels are the best trapping baits. These baits are found in every kitchen and will catch the squirrels in minutes. Another excellent bait to use is bread. You can also use peanut butter, marshmallow, or bread as a bait pan. It is important to keep in mind that the bait must be tasty enough to lure the squirrels and not entice other pests and larger scavengers.

Peanut butter

When trapping a squirrel, peanut butter is the most effective bait. Squirrels prefer foods that they can eat quickly, and peanut butter is the perfect bait for this. Peanuts, sunflower seeds, and even raisins will work well as bait, but make sure not to remove them from their shells. To ensure that squirrels will fall for your bait, spread peanut butter at the trigger mechanism.

Before setting a squirrel trap, ensure that you are using peanut butter or another nutty bait. If you are using a heart-shaped trap, the squirrel may die due to heat exhaustion. You should also place the trap in a location that squirrels will notice. For example, if you set the trap in a dark, hidden place, the squirrel will not go for it.


Aside from fruits, nuts and seeds are also good choices for bait. These items have strong scents that attract and keep rodents away from regular paths. Some experts recommend placing sunflower seeds or peanuts in their shells. In addition to peanuts, many experts recommend combining nuts with peanut butter. You can either place the peanut butter inside the nuts or place them outside of them. The main purpose of bait is to attract the target animal.

Other common baits that work well for catching squirrels include fruits, nuts, popcorn, and peanut butter. These foods are easy to find and can be placed in a one-way trap. Squirrels love nuts and fruit. For more convenient trapping methods, spread peanut butter on a piece of bread and place it where you want the squirrel to access it. Peanut butter sticks to almost anything, which makes it an ideal bait for a squirrel trap.

Unshelled nuts

Squirrels love to eat nuts. However, they won’t immediately take advantage of your bait. You can also try boiled corn, bananas, orange slices, or peanut butter. You should make sure that the bait isn’t too small though, as squirrels will steal small nuts. You can also use bird seed as bait. If you’re looking for an effective squirrel trap, these tips should help you.

If you’re not sure what to use as bait, try peanut butter. Squirrels enjoy the taste of peanut butter, so if you’re not afraid of a squirrel, try to get him to eat some of it with a spoon. Unshelled peanut butter is best, but any nut will do. Although squirrels are skittish at first, they’ll eventually come closer to you to get some of the delicious peanut butter.


If you’re stuck with a stubborn squirrel in your attic, wall, or soffit, you can lure it out by providing some food. Oranges and peanut butter are good alternatives for food bait. Fruits and nuts have a pleasant smell and a high moisture content, so they will attract squirrels to eat them. If you don’t have any of those items on hand, try peanut butter or acorns instead. If you don’t want to use peanut butter, use an edible adhesive.

Squirrels are also known to eat fruits and birdseed, so using these as bait will help you catch them. The best way to catch a squirrel is to place food out where it can be accessed easily. It is not uncommon for squirrels to chew and eat seeds and nuts if you don’t have any around. This method is very effective if you’re able to find some nut stores nearby.

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