What Is The Best Ground Squirrel Bait?

What Is The Best Ground Squirrel Bait?

One of the most popular types of ground squirrel bait is peanuts. But roasted peanuts are not an effective option because the roasting process baked out the moisture. Aside from that, dry foods are unattractive to squirrels. So, you need to choose the right bait. A fresh product is best because squirrels can detect moisture when they open it. A dry nut will not attract a squirrel, so make sure the bait is fresh.

Best Ground Squirrel Bait

When choosing a ground squirrel bait, you should consider the current food of these rodents. This includes nuts, almonds, fruit slices, peanut butter, garden greens, and sweet feed for cattle. Once you find the right bait, place the trap close to the burrow. Don’t place the trap in front of the burrow. This will scare off the rodents and will attract more of them.

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The best ground squirrel bait is the one that resembles their regular diet. It can be anything from peanut butter to pieces of fruit. You can also try nutmeat. You can also try rolled oats or garden greens. The best way to use ground squirrel traps is to set them near where the rodents are currently feeding. However, do not place them directly in front of the burrows, because they will jump over the trap to escape.

Ground squirrels are omnivorous, so using bait that is easy to obtain is the best way to get rid of them. Peanut butter is a natural source of protein, which squirrels need to survive. Its taste and smell are enticing enough to attract rodents. And since it is not poisoned, it is not a danger to the rodent. But the lure of free food is powerful enough to compel the rodents to eat it.

If you’re looking for a fast way to get rid of ground squirrels, try poison pellets. These are small enough to be dropped in the burrow and won’t hurt other animals. The only difference is the size and type of the pellets. When you buy bait pellets, make sure to place them in strategic locations that are close to active squirrels. Ensure that the bait is not only accessible, but it is available all year round.

Peanuts are a great bait for ground squirrels. These omnivores are not averse to peanut butter, but it is best to be careful as peanut butter is an attractive snack to these pests. If you can’t get any other types of ground squirrels, make sure to place a trap in a location that doesn’t attract the pests. The trap should be placed in a place where the squirrels can easily escape.

Peanut butter is one of the best ground squirrel baits. It is easy to use and can be effective for preventing rodent problems. If you are looking for a better option for catching ground squirrels, an 18-lb bucket is good for home use. But be sure that the bait is not harmful for children or pets. When you buy the trap, be sure to follow the directions carefully. A good-quality ground squirrel trap will catch most of the pests.

A ground squirrel trap should be placed at a distance of twenty to 100 feet. A good distance between the stations will allow the trap to be effective. The best baits will be effective only if the target pests eat them. So, it is important to choose the right one for your needs. Ideally, the bait should be able to attract the pest. This way, you can eliminate the problem with only one trap.

Final Thoughts

A nut-based trap is a great option for catching ground squirrels in your home. Peanuts are a popular choice for ground squirrel bait, but other nuts will also work. Kaytee Peanuts in the Shell, for example, contains unsalted, raw peanuts that are sure to attract squirrels. If you have a nut orchard, make sure that the squirrels are not consuming the bait.


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