What Is The Name Of The Squirrel On Hoodwinked

What is the Name of the Squirrel on Hoodwinked?What Is The Name Of The Squirrel On Hoodwinked

You have probably heard of Twitchy, Boingo, or Bandit, but do you know who else he is? These characters all have unique personalities and a bit of hilarity. If you have seen the show, you probably know that Twitchy is very hyperactive and doesn’t drink coffee. He also hates Keith’s name, but don’t know why.

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The character Twitchy first appears in the Wolf’s version of the story in Hoodwinked!, when he flies in behind him, startling Wolf. Twitchy then tells Wolf that he woke up early to watch Red, whom he calls “The Girl in the Red Hood.” After seeing Red riding a bike past things, Twitchy asks Wolf where he found her.

Twitchy is a memorable character in Hoodwinked. Twitchy is voiced by Cory Edwards, and is used sparingly, but he steals every scene he’s in. He’s also the only character Twitchy elicits tears from the audience. Twitchy is a perfect fit for the slapstick comedy, which is an ode to the film’s zany world.

Twitchy is a Western Gray Squirrel, whereas Hammy resembles an American Red squirrel. Twitchy is slow and cannot keep up with faster animals. Twitchy has the ability to run a short distance without help, but can’t get the job done without caffeine. Red sees Twitchy’s talent and decides to use it to help her save Granny.


The name of the squirrel is a play on the word ‘joke’. It is also the name of the band on the show, which plays a song every time the main character appears. Japeth first appears in the film Hoodwinked Too!, where he appears singing and playing his banjo. This episode shows how the main character gets into trouble and falls off a cliff after hitting a branch and a pointy rock. He also falls off a bean-stalk and is rescued by his friends.

The story of Hoodwinked is told through four points of view, each focusing on a different character. The film takes a bit to get going but once the set-up is complete, it is entertaining. Hoodwinked is available on Netflix and can be viewed online. If you have a subscription, you can watch the entire movie. This way, you can watch it whenever you want.


Boingo is the main antagonist of the movie, Hoodwinked! He is a charming, cunning, and sly woodland creature. He has blue eyes and long ears that can be used as weapons. He is the granddaughter of Granny Puckett, and is best friends with Wolf W. Wolf and Twitchy Squidle. However, Boingo is not the most likeable character in the film. The villainous Boingo is actually a pretty bad guy.

The character of Boingo is an ex-actor and woodsman who managed to break through the security of the Dark Towers to rescue Granny and Hansel and Gretel. His most notable act is yodeling. He tries to fool the people around him by pretending to be innocent and making his eyes bigger. The plot of the movie is not that exciting, but it satirizes modern life as we know it.


The film takes place in the forest, where the main character, Wolf, is searching for Red and her family. The two animals are separated when they are in a forest, and Wolf and the other critters must figure out how to find Red. The two animals also encounter a wolf named Bandit who is out to kill them. When he finds Red, he tells Wolf that he watched her family as they rode their bikes past a lot of things.

The movie’s plot is based on the fairytale tale “A Christmas Carol,” and the Bad Wolf recruited Red’s former henchmen to join him in his dungeon. Eventually, the gang is freed, and Red and Granny are reunited. The film’s sequel, Hoodwinked Too, is also set in a dungeon, and features a young Kirk and an alien aboard the USS Enterprise.

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