what is the upc for the wildlife artist red squirrel

What is the UpC for the Wildlife Artists Red Squirrel?what is the upc for the wildlife artist red squirrel

If you are looking for the perfect stuffed animal for your child’s room, consider the Red Squirrel by Wildlife Artists. This stuffed animal is made of soft plush material that appeals to the eyes, touch, and heart. Plus, you can rest assured that this red squirrel is made with child-safe materials and meets U.S. safety standards. What is the UpC for the Wildlife Artists Red Squirrel?

Stuffed red squirrel conservation critter by Wildlife Artists

This Stuffed Red Squirrel Conservation Critter from Wildlife Artists measures 6 inches tall. It is soft and cuddly enough to carry in your backpack or under your arm. If you have a child who likes to play video games, you can use the stuffed animal to cheer them on! It will give you and your child endless fun and entertainment. No wireless network needed and very low maintenance!

Red squirrel conservation is becoming a popular cause, and is attracting grassroots groups and national campaigns. The Red Squirrels United Knowledge Fair, held in an upscale Belfast hotel in March, was one such event. The project, which started last year, is supported by the Red Squirrel Survival Trust and Prince Charles’ charity. Other organizations and government agencies have joined forces, too, like the European Squirrel Initiative, and the UK Squirrel Accord, which aims to create an oral contraceptive for grey squirrels.

Ages three and up

If you’re looking for a gift for a little boy or girl, the Wildlife Artists Red Squirrel Plush Stuffed Animal will surely do the trick. Not only will the little one love the cute, lovable red squirrel plush toy, but he or she will also appreciate the fact that this item is surface-washable. As a bonus, you can even get a discount if you buy more than one!

Children will love to paint the little red squirrels in their own special way. The wildlife artist will be able to create a work that represents their favorite animal and tell their story through his or her paintings and drawings. Red squirrels are among the most popular animal pets, and these paintings are the perfect way to teach them. Red squirrels are adorable and are perfect for decorating any room! Ages three and up for the wildlife artist red squirrel


Peggy Harris is an internationally acclaimed designer and wildlife artist. Her career spans more than two decades and she has published seven best-selling books, featuring her unique designs of baby animals. Her work has been featured in US Art Magazine and Wildlife Art Magazine. Here are some helpful tips for creating stunning paintings of wildlife. First, consider your materials. Do you need to purchase animal-based materials? If so, what are some of the best options?

The materials that Wildlife Artists uses for their products are child-safe. The woven edges of the fabric reveal its woven texture, reminding the viewer of its practical use. The artist also worked with watercolours to create her textile design. She outlined her squirrels and plants and part-finished the work with watercolour. The playful movements of squirrels are shown in the sketch, which is finished in part with watercolour. The design evokes the natural world and incorporates acorns and oak leaves to create a woodland theme.

Care instructions

Peggy Harris is a renowned wildlife artist and internationally recognized designer. She is an accomplished television personality who has created seven best-selling books featuring the unique designs of baby animals. During her 20-year career, Harris has earned many awards and acclaim for her animal paintings. She has created several popular animal figurines including baby red squirrels. You can learn more about her work by viewing her YouTube channel.

After rescuing a baby squirrel from the wild, it is best to take it to a Wildlife Rehabilitator immediately. Providing incorrect care can lead to the death of the little animal. Follow the instructions carefully. Keep baby squirrels out of reach of children and pets to prevent them from being mishandled. In some cases, animals need to be hand-fed every two hours. If the squirrel is injured, it will require special attention from a wildlife rehabber to prevent it from becoming ill.

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