If you’ve ever wondered what animal skins a squirrel and eats it, you’re not alone. It’s true that raccoons, snakes, hawks, and coyotes all eat squirrels. And you can’t blame them either; squirrels are delicious and hard to resist. Here are three of the most likely culprits. Hopefully, this information will clear up any misconceptions about squirrels.

What animal eats squirrels?


You might be wondering how a snake could skin a squirrel and eat it. This is a common question, as snakes have many different types of skins. They can be solid, banded, or striped. Their coloration can range from yellow to green to brown. Each of these snakes has a unique pattern on its skin. If you’re looking for an unusual snake skin color, check out the snakes in your area!


In addition to eating all kinds of snakes, eagles also hunt smaller birds. These birds tend to be smaller than eagles, though they won’t turn down larger birds of prey. The majority of eagle’s predation occurs on small and medium-sized birds. However, when the opportunity arises, eagles will often prefer larger birds of prey, such as owls and other larger species.


Despite their small size, squirrels can pose a significant threat to other animals. Hawks are often the main predators of these rodents, but they do have a few tricks up their sleeve. During their daytime hunting, hawks use their long, strong legs to swing forward and snag their prey. The hawks’ talons are sharp and capable of piercing a squirrel’s eyes and head. Unlike human predators, however, hawks do not attack squirrels in their backyard.

European badgers

Many people don’t realize that badgers are omnivores. In fact, badgers are the only omnivores in Great Britain and Ireland. This is largely due to the fact that badgers are becoming extinct in Great Britain due to cattle tuberculosis. These animals are shy and have very keen senses of smell. They rear on their hind legs to smell the air. They also eat squirrels, but rarely kill them.


When you see a raccoon skin a squirrel, it probably makes you wonder: What do raptors eat? Raccoons are omnivorous nocturnal animals native to North America. They have a fur-like mixture, a striped tail, and a mask-like marking around the eyes. Raccoons are known to get into fights with cats and are not afraid of the smaller species, such as kittens. They are also known to prey on small cats, and they can even attack and kill kittens.


It’s not always clear exactly what a fox does with a squirrel. Michaela Peterson and colleagues studied the diet of foxes and coyotes in Rockefeller State Park and published the results in Urban Ecosystems in 2021. While the authors didn’t identify the specific type of animal that was eaten, they noted that raccoon and fox remains were found in droppings in both 2011 and 2012, suggesting that they sometimes skin and eat the squirrel.

Coyotes eat squirrels

If you have ever wondered how coyotes can skin a squirrel and eat it, you are not alone. The little rodent is a favorite of coyotes and other predators in North America. The diet of a squirrel is rich in protein, fats, and carbohydrates. The nutrients it consumes are used by squirrels to grow their muscles and cellular structure. A coyote, on the other hand, can absorb those nutrients and use them for their own growth.

Domestic cats eat squirrels

There are many reasons why domestic cats may hunt a squirrel. Most of them are already well-fed, but they can also be a tasty treat for your cat. They are small, fast, and easy to escape, making them a great meal option. Even if they don’t gobble it up regularly, cats are likely to chase a squirrel when they see one. And they may gobble it up for its tasty flavor.

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