What Kind Of Bait To Use For A Squirrel

What Kind of Bait to Use For a Squirrel Trap?

You’re wondering what kind of bait to use for a trap? Here are some suggestions: Peanut butter, fruit, Chuck-A-Nut, and Pizza. Try them out and see which one works best for you! You can also use a combination of several different types of bait. Once you’ve found a bait that works, you can use it to lure squirrels to your trap. Whether you’re a first time trapper or a seasoned pro, there’s no need to worry.


Peanut butter is a delicious squirrel bait that is readily available in your kitchen. You can also use walnuts or acorns to attract the squirrels. To make it even more tempting, add almond oil to it. Spread this mixture on bread and place it near your squirrel trap. Once the squirrels start to approach the bait, they are likely to come and eat it. But if you don’t have any nuts lying around, you can also use peanut butter or almond extract.

The key to understanding squirrel appetites is to understand how they feed and where they find it. Female squirrels have fewer opportunities to find liquids, and males may not brave predators to find water. Fresh fruit, especially berries, may be more attractive to squirrels than dry nuts. In some cases, pizza can also be a great bait. In addition to nuts, fruit is a good source of water and fat.

Peanut butter

One of the most effective ways to attract squirrels to a tree is to use peanut butter as bait. This peanut-based bait will entice squirrels to your tree in a matter of minutes. Other squirrel-friendly foods include sunflower seeds and peanuts in the shell. Birdseed and other garden produce are particularly attractive to squirrels and they will likely gravitate towards your trap. A squirrel-proof trap will also keep the animals out of your yard.

Another effective bait for squirrels is peanut butter. Squirrels dislike salty food, so peanut butter will not be effective if you use roasted peanuts. Because peanuts are dried out during the roasting process, they won’t want to eat them. They prefer a fresh, tasty bait, so make sure the peanuts are not roasted. In addition, squirrels can smell moisture as soon as they open the bait. Peanut butter is also the easiest bait to use.


You’ve probably heard about Chuck-A-Nut. These peanut-shaped treats are made of a soft shell and are popular among squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, birds, and other wildlife. This product is produced in facilities that also process nuts, tree nuts, and wheat. For this reason, it is possible to find tree nuts in your Chuck-A-Nut.

To help prevent your wildlife problems, you can provide squirrels with a wholesome meal. For example, you can install a Chuck-A-Nut squirrel feeder to attract and retain squirrels. It contains all-natural pumpkin seeds. Besides being healthy for your pets, it’s also a great way to enjoy the outdoors. So, go ahead and feed your squirrels and enjoy the outdoors!


Using a piece of pizza as bait for a squirrel trap is an easy way to attract the rodent into your yard. Squirrels enjoy the fat and sugar content found in pizza, as well as the fresh fruits and vegetables inside. Pizza is a high-fat food, and the insects contained in the crust give the squirrels a high-protein meal. Open-faced peanut butter sandwiches, served in European style without the top slice of bread, are also highly appealing to squirrels. Fresh fruit is also an excellent choice, especially for mother squirrels in attics, because the fresh fruit contains water.

If you’d like to avoid giving your pets leftover pizza, you can also set out some fresh corn. The kernels of corn will be appealing to squirrels, and if you place some nuts and seeds around the perimeter of your yard, the squirrels will find them easily. If you don’t want to use leftovers, try using a protein-packed trail mix, such as nuts and trail mix. The right combination of nuts and seeds will also provide a protein-rich snack that will satisfy the squirrels’ midday cravings.

Glue boards

The use of glue boards as bait for squirrels is illegal in some parts of the world. Glue boards have no regulation in the United States or Canada and manufacturers do not provide much consumer education or warning about the hazards. If an animal does get stuck to the board, it should be treated as an emergency and brought to a professional for treatment. In Canada, glue boards are banned because they kill animals in less than 5 minutes.

Glue boards can be commercial or homemade, placed in areas of high activity and then baited with the same kind of bait. The animals trapped in glue boards will die. However, glue boards do not work in dirty environments and may attract children, pets, and nontarget wildlife. Glue boards are not effective in capturing larger mammals, so the risk of catching a large predator is much greater.

All-weather bait Chunx

All-weather squirrel bait Chunx by Tomcat is an anticoagulant rodenticide that eliminates mice, rats, and other types of pests in a matter of days. The product is packaged in red labels for easy identification and comes in one-ounce chunks. The bait is intended for use in areas with a high concentration of mice, rats, and other rodents. Because of its anticoagulant nature, it will not kill mice and rats if they have a hard time finding the bait.

In a rotational baiting program, All-Weather Bait Chunx is especially effective in cleaning tough mouse infestations, such as those in poultry and swine facilities. It contains the most powerful single-feeding anticoagulant, bromethalin, which kills critters faster than other types of anticoagulants. The product is made from an extrusion process by Motomco, which creates blocks with multiple edges.

What are some of the best Squirrel baits?

Cracked corn acorns sunflower seeds and peanuts are all great baits for attracting squirrels.

Where should I put the bait?

You can scatter the bait on the ground near where you’ve seen the squirrels or put it in a squirrel feeder.

Will baiting Squirrels bring other animals?

Yes baiting for squirrels can also bring in birds and other small animals.

Do I need to use a trap?

No you don’t necessarily need to use a trap but it can help if you’re having trouble catching the squirrels.

What kind of trap should I use?

A live trap is the best kind to use as it will allow you to release the squirrels unharmed.

What size trap do I need?

For squirrels you’ll need a trap that’s at least 10 x 12 x 32 inches.

What bait should I use in the trap?

The best trap bait for squirrels is a mixture of nuts and seeds.

Where should I place the trap?

Place the trap near where you’ve seen the squirrels or in a spot where they’re likely to find the bait.

How often should I check the trap?

Check the trap at least once a day and more often if possible.

What do I do with a squirrel once I’ve caught it?

If you’re using a live trap release the squirrel in a nearby park or wooded area.

If you’re using a kill trap dispatch the squirrel humanely and dispose of the body properly.

What if I can’t catch the squirrels?

If you’re having trouble catching squirrels try using a larger trap or baiting the trap with a more enticing food.

Will the squirrels eat the bait before I can trap them?

Yes the squirrels will likely eat the bait before you have a chance to trap them.

What if I trap a bird or other animal instead of a squirrel?

If you trap a bird or other animal you can release it unharmed if you wish.

However you may also dispatch it humanely if you choose.

What if I don’t want to trap or kill the squirrels?

If you don’t want to trap or kill the squirrels you can try to scare them away or deter them from coming into your yard.

What are some ways to deter squirrels?

Some ways to deter squirrels include using Ultrasonic Pest Repellents sealing up potential entry points and removing food sources.

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