What Kind of Milk Do You Feed a Baby Squirrel?

Providing a healthy diet for your squirrel is crucial for its survival. It is vital to ensure that it drinks enough water. Squirrels can suffer from bloating if they consume too much milk, or if it is formula intolerant. For this, you can either use homemade goat milk formula or esbilac puppy milk with probiotics. However, it is not advised to use these milk products. The best options for your baby squirrel are a bottle of Specialty Animal Milk Replacer Formula, or an unfortified and sterile cow’s milk or goat formula.

What Kind of Milk Do You Feed a Baby Squirrel?

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Before Feeding A Baby Squirrel Milk

First, you should ensure that the mother is not present when you feed your squirrel’s baby. Warming the animal is essential to ensure that it has a normal core temperature. A warm bath is a good idea before feeding it, as a newborn does not generate body heat and will die if it doesn’t receive a warm enough bath. You can also provide stimulation to the infant’s stomach.

Also, be sure to follow the feeding schedule. After five weeks, you should start introducing solid foods. At seven weeks, your squirrel will be on formula and not eating any solids yet. By 7 weeks, he or she should be on solid food, but you should keep weighing him or her regularly. If it is losing weight, you should gradually increase the amount of food.

You should not feed your baby squirrel if it has fleas. This will only cause your squirrel to cough up the fleas. If your squirrel is infected with fleas, it is advisable to wipe him or her with a sterile, anti-flea powder. Aside from fleas, you must also consider the risk of pneumonia by feeding your squirrel. The fluid can get into the squirrel’s lungs and trigger an aspiration.

Another option is to mix Esbilac with a little water. Its powder is easier to digest than liquid milk and is available in premixed and dry forms. It should be mixed with water to avoid lumps and a strainer. Afterward, you can feed your baby squirrel with the formula until the animal is fully weaned. And, as long as the squirrel is gaining weight, the food is healthy for it.

While you can continue to feed your baby squirrel with formula, you should also introduce solid foods to your squirrel. You should mix it with healthy nuts, vegetables, and high-protein pellets. It should be fed with a glass water bottle and a ceramic feeding dish. Choosing the right one is crucial for both you and your pet. Besides, sanitary feeding dishes are more convenient and safe than plastic bottles.

When you are feeding your baby squirrel, you should make sure you feed it the correct amount. You can use a syringe to measure the weight of your baby squirrel. Wrapping it with a soft towel helps to reduce the chances of a squirt having an aspiration accident. The fluid will get into its lungs and cause pneumonia. If you don’t do this, your squirrel will die in the process.

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You can use a scale to weigh your baby squirrel. You will need to multiply this number by five or seven to determine how much milk your squirrel needs. The best amount of formula is five to six grams of body weight. You should only feed your baby once per day. If the mother doesn’t come in 30 minutes, bring it indoors. It will be fine. But make sure there are no dangerous animals nearby.

Final Thoughts

It is best to give a baby squirrel formula every two or three hours. A squirrel’s temperature will vary, so warm it slowly. You can also warm it up with a warm cloth. The temperature of a squirrel’s body is similar to ours. In addition, human formula and cow’s milk are not acceptable for your squirrel. So you should use a suitable diet and not give your pet the wrong kind of milk.


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